Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

Were found 144 happy birthday messages:

May this special birthday of yours be the best one yet, my dear brother!

You’re the greatest elder brother I could ever wish for, and I hope your special day brings you all the happiness and success you deserve! Happy birthday, bro!
As my younger brother you might get
to make fun of me for being older than
you, but just remember that every year
my cake will always be bigger than yours
because it needs to hold more candles!

Now who’s laughing, bro!
The best brother in the world deserves
the very best wishes on his birthday…
I hope that guy has a wonderful day,
wherever he is!

Of course, I hope you have a great
birthday too, little bro! Happy birthday
from your fabulous elder sister!
You must be getting older, brother, since you’re finally becoming less annoying!

My own birthday wishes must have come true as growing up with an annoying brother like you, I always hoped this day would come!
Don’t worry about getting older, brother.
You’ll always have me as a constant
reminder of what it’s like to look young!

Happy birthday, bro!
As far as elder brothers go, you’re
alright I guess!

I mean, don’t let that go to your head,
it’s not like you’d win any awards for
the ultimate brother or anything!

I hope you have a truly wonderful
birthday this year, bro!
Happy birthday to my dashing
elder brother!

Good looks must run in the
family because, well, look at us!
Happy birthday to you, bro!

I got you a nice hat for your gift this year, you know, to cover up those emerging bald spots and all the grey hair!

Thankfully, I think I’ve still got a few years before I have all of that to look forward to!

I hope you enjoy your day today, my dear elder brother!
Happy to the very best role model there is!

You have been such an inspiration to me as my great elder brother and I will always be grateful to you for the lessons you’ve taught me.

Much love to you on your special day!
Many see getting older
As something that is
Annoying and a bore
But to me, I think it’s  
Only a good thing
As I only like you better
Each year more and more!

Happy birthday from your
Favorite younger brother, sis!
Happy birthday, my dear elder brother!

While I was contemplating what I
should get you this year, a thought
came into my head.

I was thinking that since I know all of
your secrets, bro, I feel it only makes
sense that actually you should be giving
me a gift this year for being such a good
keeper of those secrets!

Judging by the number of secrets I hold
it should be a pretty big gift, too!

I’m just messing with you, bro! I love
that you trust me with these things!

Have an awesome birthday today!
Happy birthday, my dear brother!

As your elder sibling, it’s my job to always protect and take care of you. You can always count on me for that!
Happy birthday, my dear brother!

They say that as you get older you
also get wiser, but seeing as that
hasn’t happened for you yet I guess
you’re still waiting for that golden
age that sees you finally turn wiser!

Don’t worry, bro, I’m sure you’ll get
there someday!

You’re another year older
So what can I say
It’s best not to think about it 
And just celebrate your day!

Happy birthday! 🎂 
Happy birthday to you! You’re so special to me that I’ve been waiting for your birthday to come around and see you turn another year older, my friend!

I'm hoping that everything you’ve been wishing for comes true for you today on your special day!