Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

Were found 144 happy birthday messages:

Wishing the very happiest birthday to my big bro today!

As you age you're becoming more refined and today you turn another year wiser!
Life offers us so many great blessings and a brother like you is the greatest of them all. I wish you a wonderful birthday, big brother!
Today marks another year in the life of an amazing guy: my big brother. We get to choose our friends but we don’t get a say about our family. You must know by now that even if we weren’t brothers, I would take you on as a friend in a heartbeat.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!
I never would have imagined that the person who tormented me the most as a kid would grow up to be my best buddy!

Happy birthday, my dear elder bro!
There’s no one else like
My sweet eldest brother
You’re funny and unique
Simply unlike any other!

Happy birthday from your 
Younger sister who loves 
You lots and lots!
Happy birthday, big brother.

No gift can compare to the years of love
and support that you have shown me.
I’m very lucky to have a sibling like you.
You’re the gold standard
A big brother like you
In the entire world
There are very few
You’re a cut above the rest
Of other brothers out there
You’re better than most
They can’t even compare.

Happy birthday, big bro!
You have always been my hero, big brother. Not the sort of hero you find in comic books or in adventure books, no. You are a real hero, a strong-minded and persistent person; capable of doing anything and everything.

You are the sort of hero people wish they would become, and I always wished I was a little more like you. I want to be as brave and courageous as you are.

You don’t need a cape or a mask to be a hero; you just have to be admired by others and you have an admirer in me, big bro.

Have a heroic birthday!
Happy birthday, my dear elder sibling!

Those grey hairs are certainly giving the
impression that there’s a lot of wisdom
in there! Oh, if only that were true!
Sending lots of birthday love to my big brother who is more like the little sister I never had! Thanks for all the good times and happy years, bro!
I’m sending the happiest birthday
wishes your way today, big bro!

You always have and always will
be the guy I look up to the most.
Whenever we are together, big brother, I still feel the urge to follow you around, hoping to experience great adventures. Have an awesome birthday, big bro!
We may have fought and argued a lot, but I just miss not having you around as much as I used to. Happy birthday, big bro!

I enjoyed growing up in your shadow, big brother. It felt like the safest place to be. I wish you all the best on your special day!
If ageing was a competition, bro, you’d be getting pretty high up on the leaderboard right about now! Happy birthday, old man!