Birthday Wishes for Dad

399 happy birthday wishes found:

You’re always watching over me, so I know that you’ll see me lighting a candle in your honor today.

Happy birthday to you, my beloved father.
Dad, you are my biggest inspiration in life and the man I look up to most. I am so lucky to have the best guy in the world to guide and support me year after year.

I hope you have the best birthday ever.
Happy birthday to the most fabulous
father a daughter could wish for.

You touch my heart each and every
day just by being the most perfect
parent there is ❤️
Happy birthday and best wishes to you on your special day today, dad. If your birthday this year is even half as meaningful as you are to me, then you’re sure to have a magnificent day.
Dad, your positivity and wonderful outlook on life always have inspired me and continue to do so to this very day. Happy birthday from your number one girl.
Congratulations to my one and only hero: my dad. I’m sending you the best birthday wishes and I hope you have the wonderful day that you’re so deserving of.
Happy birthday to my old man who has mastered the art of telling dad jokes!

I must have inherited your sense of humour, though, as I find them all hilarious! Thank you for never failing to make this little girl laugh and smile!
Today reminds me more than any
other of all the amazing times we
shared together, dad.

I miss you so much, but I’m lucky
that I will always have those
memories to look back on.

I hold them so very dearly in my
heart and they will never fade.

Happy birthday, dad. I’m sending
all my love to you today.
A man after my own heart
You’re the one I most admire
You’ll forever be my hero
A presence I’ll always require.

Happy birthday dad 
From your adoring son!
Happy birthday, son.

Today you become one year older
And more incredible than ever before.

I am so proud to be your father
Today, tomorrow, and always.
Few fathers are as great as you,
for everything that you are
and all that you do. I am beyond
blessed to be your daughter.

May you have a truly heart
touching birthday this year, dad.
Wishing my sweet dad a happy birthday up in heaven today.

Hope you’re sleeping well, dad.
Happy birthday, dad. On your special day this year, I simply want you to know how much you mean to me ❤️
Happy birthday, dad!

You might feel fortunate and blessed on your special day, but the truth is that really I’m the lucky one for being your son!
On your birthday this year, my dear father, I just want to give thanks to you for all that you do! Happy birthday!