Birthday Wishes for Dad

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If I had but one wish
It would be to spend
Just one more birthday
With you, my dear dad.

You were taken away
From me far too soon,
And not a day passes
Where I don’t miss you.

You’re always in my
Thoughts, and you’re 
Always in my heart.

Happy birthday to you
In heaven, daddy.
Being a father is a challenging job, but it’s also the best job in the world. You make it even more wonderful and rewarding just by being the amazing boy that you are.

Happy birthday, son. I’m wishing you an extra special one this year.
For an incredible man that I can
always rely on, I’m wishing the
happiest birthday possible today.

May your special day be as
special as you are to me, dad.
For all that you are
And all that you do
I couldn’t wish for a 
Better father than you.

Happy birthday from
The world’s luckiest son.
Happy birthday, son.

Today you become one year older
And more incredible than ever before.

I am so proud to be your father
Today, tomorrow, and always.
Congratulations to my one and only hero: my dad. I’m sending you the best birthday wishes and I hope you have the wonderful day that you’re so deserving of.
Happy birthday, papa.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest daughters in the world to have had a father like you growing up. Thank you for always being there for me at every turn.

On your special day this year,
I simply want you to know that you
mean the world to me and more.

Happy birthday and best wishes
from your son. 
For a father who is nothing short of amazing, I’m sending the most heart touching birthday wishes today. You truly are a magnificent parent, one I know I can always count on.

Happy birthday from your dear daughter.
Dad, I have only one very special wish for you on your birthday this year, and that is for your day to be as heart warming as you make each and every day for me. You truly are a unique and incredibly special person.
I’ll never forget the most special
person who gave me everything.

Happy birthday to you today, dad.
Sending so much love to you.
Happy birthday, dad. On your special day this year, I simply want you to know how much you mean to me ❤️

I might not say it often enough,
but I'm so glad that you’re my dad.
I love you. I hope your special day
this year is everything that a great
man like you deserves.

Happy birthday from your forever
adoring daughter.
Happy birthday, dad.

Today I’ll be looking up at the stars and thinking of you, sending my very best wishes and love to you.

I love you so much and still miss you each and every day. You always have and always will mean the world to me.
To me, you’re my idol
The greatest man I know,
So since it’s your special day, 
I just wanted that to show. 

Happy birthday from your
Forever adoring daughter.

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