Birthday Wishes for Dad

399 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, dad.

Today I’ll be looking up at the stars and thinking of you, sending my very best wishes and love to you.

I love you so much and still miss you each and every day. You always have and always will mean the world to me.
There aren’t enough letters in the alphabet nor are there sufficient words in the dictionary to describe how deeply I miss you.

I’m sending you all my love today, dad.
Yet one more birthday of yours
since you passed but still I feel
your strong presence, dad.

I know you’re always around with
a caring watchful eye to keep your
daughter out of harm’s way, and
I carry that feeling in my heart
everywhere I go.
For all that you are
And all that you do
I couldn’t wish for a 
Better father than you.

Happy birthday from
The world’s luckiest son.
To me, you’re my idol
The greatest man I know,
So since it’s your special day, 
I just wanted that to show. 

Happy birthday from your
Forever adoring daughter.
Happy birthday to my dear father!

I couldn’t think of a better gesture or gift to give you on your birthday this year than being able to spend time with your dear daughter who you adore so much!

Let’s enjoy your special day and savour our time together!
Dad, I am so proud to be your daughter simply because of the wonderful man that you are.

Your kindness, selflessness, and positivity are so inspiring and I have learned so much from you on how to treat others. You truly are a gift to mankind.
On your most special day
May all the very best 
In life come your way.

Happy birthday, dad. 
I love you to the moon
and back.
Wishing the loveliest dad the loveliest birthday today!

You have always made me feel safe and secure and for that, I will be forever thankful, dad.

Whenever I have felt nervous or unsure about something, you have consistently been there to lend an ear and give me comforting advice.

Thank you for all your years of support, dad. Love you tons!
Happy birthday to the best father a son could wish for! Nobody could ever live up to the incredible and unique man that you are!
I’ll never forget the most special
person who gave me everything.

Happy birthday to you today, dad.
Sending so much love to you.
Happy birthday, papa.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest daughters in the world to have had a father like you growing up. Thank you for always being there for me at every turn.
Happy birthday, dad! You’ve always been there for me without fail and I hope you know that as the years go on, I will always be there for you too.
What would have been another year
in your life has passed today, but I’ll
continue to celebrate you anyway.

Happy birthday, my dear dad in heaven.
Wishing my dear dad a happy birthday beyond the clouds.

Even though you are no longer here to celebrate it, your birthday will always be a special occasion as it’s a celebration of your life and a time to recognise all of your incredible achievements.

I’ll continue to celebrate it in your honour, until the end of days. Love you, dad.