300+ Best Birthday Quotes & Wishes for Your Dad

Happy birthday to the most important man in my world! 😍

You truly are an incredible person, dad, and you are such a big part of my life. You always have been and you always will be.

I’m wishing you the most incredible birthday this year!
I am one lucky girl, 
To have a dad like you. 
You give me love, support
And freedom, too.

If there’s one day I want you 
To know how important 
You are to me, 
It’d be today, your birthday,
The most special day of all.

Happy birthday, daddy!
Happy birthday, dad. The void you left can never truly be filled, but it brings me some comfort knowing that you’re looking over us and protecting us from up there.
Happy birthday, dad.

On your special day this year,
I want you to know that you
are the man I look up to most.
I always have and I always will.

I’m sending my very best wishes
your way today.
Happy birthday to the world’s best papa!

You’ve never let me down, not once. You’ve consistently been there for me when I’ve needed you most, and instinctively sensed when to give me space.

You’ll always be a very special man to me.
However old I become,
Or how far away I may be
I will still always be
Your adoring little girl.

Happy birthday to you,
My much loved father.
Happy birthday from your favourite child, papa! May your special day today fill you with an abundance of love and happiness!
Out of everything I have accomplished in life, you are by far my biggest achievement, my dear boy.

I am overwhelmed with pride whenever I look at you and what a lovely person you have become.

It fills my heart with warmth and makes me feel so grateful to be your father.

Keep being the amazing person that you are, my incredible son.
You might be gone, but you’re
never forgotten. We’ll still be
celebrating you down here on
earth until the end of days, dad.

Happy birthday up there.
Today is a super special day as I’m
wishing my dear father a very happy
birthday! I hope your cake is just as
sweet as I am, pappy!
Sending a birthday message way up high, to my dear dad someplace in the sky.

I’ll never forget all of the amazing things you have done for me, dad, and you will forever live on inside my heart. Love you loads, dad.
Happy birthday to the greatest man
ever to exist: my dear papa!

I hope that all of your birthday wishes
this year come true, as you deserve
the world for all that you do!

Lots of love from your baby girl!
I hope you are always able to
find happiness, excitement and
adventure in your life, my boy.

Never allow anything to prevent
you from being happy!

Happy birthday from dad!
Each day I count my blessings
That I have a father like you
To be the son of a great man
In the world, there are very few.

Happy birthday.
It’s true that everyone has a dad,
but few of them are as great as you.

Happy birthday to you from the
bottom of my heart. 

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