Birthday Wishes for Dad

385 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to you today
My pride and joy, my son.

However old you become
However big you grow
My heart will always belong to you
That I want you to always know.

I’m sending you all the love a
Father could have, my boy.
Today I am wishing a happy birthday to my hero, my best friend and all-time idol.

I hope you’re keeping well up there in heaven, dad.
Happy birthday, my dear boy!

You continue to bring joy to my life and warmth to my heart! I’m a very proud dad, that I can say with absolute certainty!

Wishing you the best on your special day this year!
Dad, you are the person I have always looked up to with love, admiration, and total respect.

You have taught me all the lessons in life I could ever need and more. If I grow up to be even half the man you are, then I would be more than content.

I hope you have the wonderful birthday this year that you are so deserving of, papa.
As your father, it gives me great pleasure to be wishing you well on your most special day of the year.

I wish only the very best for you in your life today, tomorrow, and all days that follow.

Happy birthday, my dear son.
Happy birthday, dad. The void you left can never truly be filled, but it brings me some comfort knowing that you’re looking over us and protecting us from up there.
Today would be the birthday of my father.
I’ll continue to celebrate in your memory,
the great man that you were.
Happy birthday, daddy. I can’t believe
how long it has been since you left
us for heaven.

With each passing birthday, it seems
that I just miss you more and more.

You will always be important to me
and you will forever be in my heart
and in my prayers.

Sending all my love to you today
up there in heaven, my dear dad.
You’re my pride and joy, a man after my
own heart. I don’t know what I did to
deserve a wonderful son like you.

Happy birthday from your proud father.
However old I become,
Or how far away I may be
I will still always be
Your adoring little girl.

Happy birthday to you,
My much loved father.
You should be a proud papa for the great effort you put into raising me and for all of the sacrifices you made along the way.

You’re a remarkable man and one I will always be proud to call my father.

Happy birthday to you today!
I have only the most heart-touching
birthday wishes for a remarkable man
like you on your special day today, papa.

As a parent, you are nothing short of
perfect. You are the most supportive
father a girl could wish for and you’ll
always be my biggest inspiration.

Happy birthday to you from your lucky
daughter. I’m sending you lots of love
from the very bottom of my heart. 
Happy birthday, my dear boy.

As the number of years in your life increases, so does the pride I have for you as a father.

My dear son, I always have your best
interests at heart but I’m sending my
very best and extra special wishes to
you on your special day this year. I
hope everything you wish for today
comes true for you.

Happy birthday from your forever
adoring father.
I hope you are always able to
find happiness, excitement and
adventure in your life, my boy.

Never allow anything to prevent
you from being happy!

Happy birthday from dad!