Birthday Wishes for Dad

396 happy birthday wishes found:

My dear boy, the older you get the
better you become! You just keep
improving with age!

I’m proud of you, son. Happy birthday!
I’m wishing you a happy birthday in my prayers today, daddy.

While you were here on earth you were the most inspirational person in my life, and even though you’ve gone you still continue to be that inspiration.

Whenever I have doubts, I reflect on the advice you gave and the lessons you taught me. I’ll always hold those moments close to my heart.

I hope you continue to rest peacefully, my forever hero.
Happy birthday to someone so very dear to my heart! Not only are you my son, but you’re also my very best friend.

It brings me so much joy to see what a wonderful person you have become.

Enjoy your day, buddy!
Your very first birthday has arrived, little buddy, and after just one short year daddy couldn’t have more pride or love for you!

Happy birthday, my boy!
Happy birthday to a little champ
who brings so much happiness
to this family of ours!

I idolize you, son, and for good
reason! You continuously give
me cause to smile and rejoice,
with all of your achievements
and wonderful progress in life!

I hope you continue on this
great path that you are on! 

Wishing you a day filled with
happiness, sport!
Each day I count my blessings for having such a wonderful son. I truly am the luckiest parent around!

Happy birthday to my brilliant boy today!
Happy birthday to the one man I will always have the greatest admiration for!

Wishing you the best, daddy!
Being a parent isn’t always easy, but the reward is worth the effort when you end up with an amazing son like you!

I am overjoyed with what a remarkable young man you are becoming!

Happy birthday to you today, kiddo!
Happy birthday to a special little 
man who means more to me than 
anything else in this world. 

You are my everything and more, 
the person I most adore, son.
I wish all the happiness and all the love in the world, just for you, daddy, because I love you and want you to be happy. Have a wonderful birthday!
Wishing a very happy birthday to my spectacular papa! You deserve an extra special one this year!
There are two kinds of dads in the world: mine and then the rest! You are unquestionably the best kind there is. Have a great birthday, old man!
Happy birthday to a great man, a dear
husband, and a loving father!

You bring an abundance of love and
happiness to the lives of so many,
spreading your infectious, joyous
personality. You truly are the sweetest,
most wonderful person!

Enjoy your special day, my dear!

Happy birthday from mom and dad’s
favorite child! Don’t worry though,
sis, you’re a very close runner-up!
My darling daughter, it fills my heart with happiness to see you celebrate this special milestone today. I am so proud to have watched you become the strong, beautiful woman that you are today.

Happy 18th birthday from dad.