Birthday Wishes for Dad

396 happy birthday wishes found:

My dear boy, today you add another year to your incredible life.

I want you to know how pleased I am with how you’re turning out to be. You’re kind, caring, and a real gentleman.

I must have raised you well as you’re exactly as I hoped you’d be.

I hope you enjoy celebrating your special day today, with all of those who care about you the most!
I wish I could spend just one more
birthday with you, papa, to see the
look of delight on your face when
being presented with your gifts and
blowing out your candles.

I’ll continue to celebrate each of your
birthdays in your honour, and you’ll
forever live on in my heart.

Happy birthday, daddy. All my love
to you, always.
Happy birthday to my pride and joy: my lovely and magnificent baby boy!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday today!
Happy birthday to my guiding light in life, the one person I have always been able to turn to in times of doubt. Happy birthday to you, daddy!
I grew up looking up to you because you were so tall. Today, I’m taller than you and still I look up to you. Have the best day ever, old man!
Happy birthday, son!

To simply say that you are loved would be the biggest understatement in history! You’re my whole heart and I’d do absolutely anything for you.
Happy birthday, daddy! One big tight hug from you never fails to make me feel better and brighten my day!
Happy birthday, sport!

Today you turn another year older and I’ve never been prouder of you!

You keep amazing me with what a remarkable human being you are and proving that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to.

I hope you always have this drive as you’ll go far in life, my boy!

All my love to you on your special day!
Happy birthday up there in heaven, daddy. Your baby girl misses you more and more each day.
You always gave the warmest hugs and knew exactly what to say to cheer me up.

I’ll always remember your wise words. Happy birthday, pappa.
Wishing you the loveliest birthday today!

No man will ever come close to being even half the man that you are, daddy. You are my inspiration and my idol.

I hope you have the happiest, most incredible day ever today! 
Each year that your birthday comes
around brings me pain, daddy, but
then I start to remember the great
times and all of the amazing memories
I have quickly come rushing back.

I wish I’d had you in my life for longer,
but I am so grateful for the time I did
get to spend with you. I’ll always
cherish those moments.

Love you always, papa.
My lovely lad is celebrating another year of his life today! Sending you a big daddy bear hug and hoping that you have a blast!

Happy birthday from your favorite daughter, papa! As you celebrate this milestone that is another wonderful year of your life, I’m wishing you the very best day from my heart to yours!
I’m wishing the very best for you, daddy, today and always!

You have given me so much in life that today I want to give back to you and show you how much I appreciate everything that you do for me!

Happy birthday!