Birthday Wishes for Dad

399 happy birthday wishes found:

Today a wonderful
man is celebrating
another year of life.

He is great, caring,
strong, amazing
in every way, and
I’m lucky enough
to call him dad.

Happy birthday to
my father, the
best man there is!
A father like you is a blessing
The best dad deserves the best wishes
I’m wishing an incredibly happy birthday
today to someone who has had a
significant impact on me throughout
my life: my dear father.

No man has been as inspirational to me
as you have been, dad. I am truly blessed
to have a father figure like you in my life.

I’m wishing you nothing but the best on
your special day today.
The sweetest and most courageous man
To me, you’re the best father in the world
If there was an award for father of the
year it would go to you. I couldn’t wish
for a better father than you.

Happy birthday, dad. 
A birthday prayer for a wonderful priest
You're the best role model, dad
Happy birthday to my fantastic father.
When God decided you would be my
dad, he blessed me with a gift greater
than I ever could’ve wished for.
I am so lucky to have
A fab father like you
And I’ll always be grateful
For everything you do.

Happy birthday from your
Favorite daughter, dad.
A brother and father figure
You’ll always warm your parent's hearts
Happy birthday to you today, dad. On your special day, I want you to know how much I love and respect you for the remarkable man that you are.

I can only hope that someday I too will be looked at as a wonderful role model like you, and live up to the great father that you are.
My father is a truly inspirational man
A father who is always there
Like father, like son
Is all I’ve ever wanted to be
You’re a truly inspirational
And wonderful man to me
I am very blessed to have 
A role model who’s so great
One of whom each day
I’m proud to celebrate.

Happy birthday, dad, from 
Your always admiring son.
To have a heart touching father like you
is every daughter’s dream wish come true.

Happy birthday, dad.
Happy birthday to the most fantastic father anyone could ever wish for! I was truly blessed to be given a dad who is so caring and supportive of me. You’re one of the best, dad.

I’m sending you lots of love and sweet wishes from your extremely fortunate daughter.
Having a father like you
Who influences everything I do
And has my best interests at heart
Is the best thing you could impart.

Happy birthday, dad.
My beloved father in heaven
You were taken much too soon
But I can still see you each night
As you’re my stars and my moon.

Happy birthday, dad.
Happy birthday to the most fantastic father and the greatest man I know! You’re the best dad a boy could wish for!
A son only has one father
I’m so glad that you’re mine
You’re always there for me
You’re my rock, my lifeline.

Happy birthday, dad.
If a dad of the year award existed
It would definitely go to you 
For the wonderful father you are 
And for everything that you do.

Happy birthday to you.
Today, way up there in the heavens above, my dear father is celebrating another birthday. I hope each day in heaven is like a party for you, dad.