300+ Best Birthday Quotes & Wishes for Your Dad

Happy birthday and best wishes
from your favorite daughter, papa!

May this birthday bring a bright
new year filled with happiness
and joy for you. After all, that’s
the least a father who’s nothing
short of amazing like you deserves.
A man full of wisdom, 
Love and care
Someone who has been
Consistently there.

I’ll always be grateful
For all that you’ve done
To me, you’re a father
Who is second to none!

Happy birthday to you
Today, my dear papa!
Happy birthday to you today, dad. On your special day, I want you to know how much I love and respect you for the remarkable man that you are.

I can only hope that someday I too will be looked at as a wonderful role model like you, and live up to the great father that you are.
Having a father like you
Who influences everything I do
And has my best interests at heart
Is the best thing you could impart.

Happy birthday, dad.
Congratulations to you as you turn
another year older and wiser than
ever before, papa.

You always have and always will
be the man I turn to for advice and
motivation. You mean the world to
me, dad.

Happy birthday from your forever
adoring daughter. 
Happy birthday, dad!

Like father, like son, I see myself
becoming more and more like you
with each passing year. 

Fortunately for me, they’re all
qualities I’m proud to have!
Out of all the superheroes in the world,
you’re my favorite, dad. You’re always
looking out for me and keeping me safe,
and I know I can count on you for anything.

Happy birthday and a big hug from your
super lucky son.
Dad, I am so proud to be your daughter simply because of the wonderful man that you are.

Your kindness, selflessness, and positivity are so inspiring and I have learned so much from you on how to treat others. You truly are a gift to mankind.
Dad, you are a man who is more
meaningful to me than any other.
You are the most inspirational
figure in my life, and the man I
always aspire to be.

In short, you’re one in a million,
dad. Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to my boy who is a kind, caring, shining example of a man!

Like father, like son, I guess!
On your most special day
May all the very best 
In life come your way.

Happy birthday, dad. 
I love you to the moon
and back.
Happy birthday to the best dad a girl could ask for! I hope you have the absolute best day, and I can't wait to celebrate with you later with lots of cake! 🎂 
I’m wishing a happy birthday with all my heart to my very special dad.

You’re always there to hold my hand and support me through everything. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough that I’m the daughter of such a great man. You truly are my hero, dad.
Dad, you will always be the one I look up to and turn to for advice. You have always been there for me and no matter how old I get, you will forever be my rock.

Happy birthday from your little girl.
My dear papa, there has never been a better time to tell you how grateful I am for you! I’m sending my best wishes to you on your birthday today!

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