Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

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Happy birthday, my dear BFF.

Know that I will always believe in you
But much more importantly, always
Remember to believe in yourself. 
Girl, on your birthday this year, I wanted to tell you just how incredibly special you and your friendship are to me. I simply couldn’t be without you, as you truly are my rock. I count my blessings often for having a bestie as wonderful as you.

Have a great birthday, girly. You’ve earned it.
Happy birthday, bestie. I hope you go through this year knowing that you make each day better and brighter.
Happy birthday to the best gal
pal anybody could wish for!

The laughter is endless and
there’s never a dull moment
when you’re around because
you’re so funny, my friend!
Happy birthday to a truly fab friend! I hope your birthday today is as special and wonderful as our friendship is, sweetie!
Today, I’m wishing a very happy birthday
to a gal pal like no other! I hope you have
a super cute birthday, sweetie!
May the stars guide you in your journey through life this year, my dear. Follow your heart and believe in your soul. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, bestie.

My birthday wish for you
This year is that you may 
Always love, laugh, and cry.

When you love, may it be pure
When you laugh, may it be loud
And if you must ever cry, may it
Only be with tears of happiness.
If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible for someone as amazing as you, girl. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my number 1 gal!

Always know that I’m here for you, no matter what, and that no boy will ever come between us! Love ya, girl!
Happy birthday to my bestie who is anything but ordinary! I’m so lucky to have an incredibly sweet and beautiful friend as unique and special as you!
Our friendship is a thing of beauty,
much like you are, bestie!

I’m sending you all my love and
wishing you a fabulous birthday today!
Congrats, birthday girl! Today is a very special day as we get to celebrate you for being the wonderful friend and amazing person that you are!

Here’s to you on your birthday today and also to us, for a truly fab friendship. May it last for lots more birthdays and many long years yet to come.
Being around you is good for my soul, with
your positive vibes and gorgeous glow. 

You truly are someone I aspire to be like, girl.
I’m wishing you the happiest of all birthdays. 
For a girl as special as you,
may you have a birthday that’s
just as special and fabulous too.

Happy birthday, bestie.

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