Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

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Happy birthday, my soul sister!

Few friends are as close as we are, girl!
In fact, some would say that we’re too
close... but they’re just jealous!
Happy birthday, bestie!

We might be a little socially distant this
year, but never before have you been so
close to my heart. Miss you loads, girl!
Gal pals have a connection unlike any other, so no matter how far apart from each other we are on your special day today or any other day, we will always be bound by the unique bond we share.

Happy birthday to you, girl!
Happy birthday, girl!

You’re a friend of mine
Until the end of time
And no distance between us
Can stand in the way of that!
Happy birthday, girl!

We might not be able to stay out all night partying like we used to, but that’s just one of the side effects of yet another birthday! It’s to be expected now that we’re getting older!

I hope you have a fab day, bestie!
Happy birthday, bestie!

Distance only makes the heart grow fonder and I can say that’s definitely true for me and you, girl! Our friendship just grows with challenges like these!
Your birthday will feel extra long this year, girl, as your celebrations may be postponed but definitely not forgotten! Until then, happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you over there, bestie! If you’re not within arms reach of me then you’re too far away, girl!

I would never choose to spend your birthday apart, but at least it gives us an excuse to celebrate when you’re back and something to look forward to!
No distance is a match for a friendship that has stood the test of time! I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays today, girl!
Girl, I really wish you were here to celebrate your birthday today, or rather I wish I was where you are!

Happy birthday to you, bestie!
Much like birthdays, friends like you don’t come
along every day. That’s why what we have is so
special and unique. I’m lucky to have you, girl.

Happy birthday and best wishes to you,
my beautiful bestie. ❤️️
Wherever we find ourselves in the world, be it together or apart, one thing we can always be certain of is that we’ll be best friends forever!

Happy birthday, girl!
I couldn’t wait any longer to wish you a happy birthday, bestie! I hope you have a truly fabulous day when it arrives, girl!
Best friends like us 
Are never really apart
Because I carry you with me
Always, right here in my heart.

I’m wishing you the very best
Birthday from afar this year
I hope you have a fab day,
My sweet dear!
Happy birthday, bestie! I might be laughing now that you’ve just turned another year older, but I won’t be laughing when it’s my turn next!

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