Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

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Happy birthday, girl! May your special day be equally unique and just as fabulous as you are, bestie!
Happy birthday to you, girl!

We will be best friends forever
Here, there, and everywhere!
Today I am wishing a very happy birthday
to my bestie who seems to age more
gracefully than anyone else I know!

Honestly, if you were to bottle and sell
your age-defying secret you would
instantly become a millionaire, girl!
Happy birthday to you over there, bestie!

Nothing can stand in the way of true
friendship and the bond that two gal pals
like us share!

What we have is truly special, a connection
that makes us more like sisters than
friends. I’m forever grateful for you, girl!
It seems that spending so many
years in each other’s pockets
didn’t prepare us well for
circumstances like this, girl!

I really wish I could be with you
in person today, but I hope your
special day is fab nevertheless!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, my dear friend!

I wanted to give you some words of
wisdom that will hopefully bring you
some comfort as you turn yet another
year older today, bestie.

So, just remember that no matter how
old you get, you will never truly age as
true beauty comes from within.

Which is pretty lucky for you I’d say, girl!
Happy birthday, girl! You might be far away from me right now but you can be sure that deep within my heart, you’re closer to me than you’ve ever been.

I’m wishing you the most amazing day from afar, my very special friend.
On your special day this year, I just want to thank you for your true and unconditional friendship, my dear bff. There are few girls who get me like you do, which is what makes our bond so meaningful.

Happy birthday, bestie. Have the best day.
Happy birthday to you, bestie! 

You are a girl who has the power
to do anything you wish for in life
and be anything you want to be.

Unless of course the thing you wish
to be is younger, because even you
couldn’t make that happen!
I really wanted to plan a surprise party
for you today, girl, but thought better
of it given your delicate age!

Happy birthday to you!
You deserve more than just any old gift
and only the very best is good enough
for a dear friend and great girl like you!

I refuse to get you anything that doesn’t
match how cool and awesome you are,
and as I am still yet to find that, I
haven’t got you anything at all!

You should be flattered, bestie!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, girl!

You can always count on me to keep you
(somewhat) sane and give you invaluable
advice on anything and everything!
I was thinking that this year on your special day, I wanted to step up my gift game and get you something truly spectacular!

I knew it had to be something that would make you smile all the time and something you could treasure for many years to come, which is when I realized that you already have me!

Happy birthday, girl! 
Wherever you’re spending your birthday today, may it be just as spectacular as the ones that we’ve spent together before!

Have a fabulous day, girl!
Another year older, girl, yet no wiser than
before! Give it a few more years and you’ll
be wiser than ever, I’m sure of it!

Happy birthday!

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