Happy 9th Birthday

30 happy birthday wishes found:

Today, the sweetest and most beautiful
little girl turns nine! I hope your special day
is a happy and memorable one, my dear!
Wishing you a totally awesome ninth birthday today, kid! May each of the nine candles on your cake contain a wish come true for you!

Happy birthday!
My sweet granddaughter, you
are getting so big for today you
are turning nine-years-old!

I’m wishing you all the happiness
possible as you celebrate this
special birthday, my dear, and
know that you can always count
on your grandma for absolutely
anything you need!
Happy birthday to you today, kid!

Turning nine is a very big deal! It’s
your last year of truly being a kid
and being able to get away with
things before you enter your tens!

I hope you enjoy this special year
to the absolute max!
It’s crazy to think that you’re halfway to 18 and becoming an adult! Please slow down or you’ll be all grown up before we know it!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday! I’m wishing you all
the happiness in the world today as
you celebrate your ninth birthday!

I have never met a kinder and more
caring 9-year-old than you!
Happy birthday to the
Coolest 9-year old I know
I hope your special day
Doesn’t just come and go!

I’m wishing you a wonderful
And happy year ahead!
Happy birthday to you today,
my darling child!

The amount of light generated
from the nine candles that’ll sit
atop of your birthday cake today
is nothing compared to the
brightness you have brought into
my life over the past nine years!
May today be filled with lots 
Of birthday gifts and cake
Covered in bright candles
With 9 wishes to make!

Happy birthday to you!
9 today, hooray! You are well and truly a big kid now and I have to tell you that I am so incredibly proud of you, my dear!

You are growing up to be such a wonderful and beautiful person!
Happy birthday to a very special kid who is nine times more awesome than last year!

You are growing up to be a truly spectacular child, so may your birthday this year be equally spectacular and bring you all the happiness that you deserve!
Happy birthday to the most
magnificent nine-year-old I
have the pleasure of knowing!

You truly are a marvellous kid
with such a bright and promising
future ahead of you.

I wish you the best today,
tomorrow, and always, my dear!
Happy birthday to a very
special nine-year-old!

You are a truly unique kid
and so extraordinary in
every way possible!
Happy birthday to you! Today, you turn 9 and you’re becoming so grown up!

I’m wishing you the best day with big balloons and lots of cake!
Day after day
Year after year
I just keep getting prouder 
And prouder of you, my dear! 

Happy ninth birthday to you!

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