Happy Birthday Wisher

To the girl who makes me happy every day, I want to wish the most amazing day and many more happy years to come!
Happy birthday to the person who
gives me a reason to smile each day,
the person who puts a spring in my step
and who I can’t stop thinking about
every moment of every day.

You make me feel giddy like
I’m a teenager once again!

You’re my lover and my best friend,
and you make every single day feel
like I’m floating on cloud 9.

For someone who is
very dear to my heart,
I am wishing you from afar
the very best birthday!

I hope that today
brings nothing but joy
to your heart, and that
all of your dreams and
wishes come true!

Lots of love and happy
wishes for you on your
special day, my dear!
Thank you for teaching me
so much, madam! I hope you
have the very best birthday!
You are truly and utterly beautiful, and each year you’re getting better and better. Time is your friend, no doubt, but so am I, and today all I want is for you to be happy, to smile a lot and find it in your heart to appreciate life to its fullest.

Happy birthday, dear!
Sorry for being late again with your birthday wishes. But when someone looks like you, not a day older no matter how much time passes, it makes it hard for others to remember that you age like the rest of us.

I hope you had the unbelievable birthday you deserved!
Thank you all for remembering my birthday and making my day even more special than I could have imagined! Love you all!
I know you weren’t that happy about
sharing a room with me when we were
growing up, big bro, but I thought it was
the coolest thing ever.

Thank you for putting up with me.

Have a great birthday, big bro!
Happy birthday to my partner in crime!

Sometimes mischievous, always great fun, you are my rock that gets me through each school day! Thank you for keeping me sane through all of the boring classes, and for making the great ones even greater!

Today I hope you enjoy all the happiness possible, and I wish for all your dreams to come true! My dear school friend, you will always be my best friend!
Today, I'm wishing a very happy birthday
to my most treasured human being!

My dear son, you continue to grow up
and get older, but to me, you’ll always
be my sweet little boy!

I hope that today you have the most
special birthday of all, and I hope that
each year that follows is blissful and
brings you but love and happiness!
Happy birthday to someone who is
more deserving of a relaxing break
out of everyone I know: you, madam!

Enjoy your special day!
A very happy 21st birthday to you!

I hope that your day is filled with
celebrations, and that on this very
special day you’re surrounded by
those who you love most in the world!

Have a drink for me! Cheers!
Happy birthday to a truly terrific teen!

Your teenage years are so magical,
and possibly some of the best years
of your life!

You can revel in the last few years of
having less responsibility, appreciating
that you’re able to make mistakes and
learn from them while you’re still young.

You can also start to enjoy the luxury
of more and more freedom and being
treated more like an adult!

Just remember, you only get 7 years of
them to enjoy, so make sure you live
each and every year to the fullest!

Have the happiest birthday and a day
filled with joy!
Happy birthday from the one person who
knows all of your flaws and imperfections,
but still loves you anyway!

In all seriousness though, your strengths
far outweigh any of your flaws! Wishing
you a day full of happiness, my dear, just
as you deserve!

Lots of love from your beautiful and
amazing girlfriend!
My dear grandson, there is something
very special about the love between a
grandmother and her grandchild.

It’s a unique relationship that simply
doesn’t exist between other members
of the family. It’s a strong connection of
mutual care and respect, always looking
out for each other’s best interests.

I loved you immediately, ever since the
very first moment that I saw you.

You lit up my life then and you still light
up my life no end.

I wish you the very best birthday, my
dear, and eternal happiness in everything
that you do.

Lots of love,
First my own child then along came you,
who'd have thought I could be so
beautifully blessed twice!

Happy birthday, my dear granddaughter!
My handsome grandson completes
another incredible year today!

Happy birthday, my dear!

Many congratulations on the birthday of
your beautiful baby boy!

He is the most incredible achievement you
have and ever will accomplish! He is a
mirror image of you, which already makes
him the loveliest human being there is!

My very best wishes to you all on this
joyous day, I hope you enjoy celebrating
your little bundle of joy!
Happy 25th birthday, my friend!

It’s a big one this year! Wishing you
the very best and hoping that your
celebrations are mega extravagant!
Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

Your sixteenth birthday is such a big deal and it’s all about celebrating you, but you already know that since you’ve been planning this big blowout party for a while now! I’m sure it’s going to be incredible!

I hope you have a super sweet 16th birthday and that all of your hopes and wishes come true for you today!
Your 25th birthday has come
around so fast, I can’t believe
you’re already twenty-five
percent of the way to becoming
one hundred!

I hope that this year, marking a
very special milestone, is good
to you and you have every
success possible!

Happy birthday, my friend!
You have been my best friend in the whole world since our first day in it. Have a great birthday, twin sis!
Ever since the first day we met at school,
I knew we’d be best friends for life!
School might not always be the most fun,
but I always look forward to seeing
my best bud each school day!

Have an awesome birthday and I hope
you get everything you wished for today!
Dear Sir, you are a true inspiration for me. You are a guide, a guru and a friend, all rolled into one. You have such a beautiful mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, visions and advice.

I’m so blessed to have met you and to have been taken under your wing. Have an amazing birthday and many more years to come, Sir!
You are the perfect spouse for our son. We never thought he would ever find the right person. Someone who would love and care for him, and would be a good wife to him.

But then you came along. You were so sweet that you won him over immediately. Well, you won us all over with your grace and tenderness.

Every day that we have you in our lives is more special because of it. We are so happy to have you as part of the family, and we hope to share many more years with you. You are a great addition to our family!

Have a very special birthday, dear daughter-in-law!