Happy Birthday Wisher

My boy, you’re the light of my life
A friend to make you smile and laugh
You warm my heart, daughter
I miss you, my dear friend, and even
though distance separates us on your
birthday this year, always know that
you are close to me in my heart.

I hope you have an enjoyable birthday,
and I can’t wait to celebrate with you
once we are reunited!
You make me the proudest father
You're always special to me
You’re my hero and always will be
May you grow up to be anything you want
Today is all about you, girlfriend
A birthday wish for my lover
On your very special day
It’s my hope that everything
Good comes your way. 

You’re the most special person
To me, and you deserve all the
Goodness in this world, my love. 

Sending big kisses and a very 
Happy birthday to you.
Best wishes to you today, sir
Happy birthday to the best girlfriend
You make the distance easier to bear, boyfriend
You consume a ginormous part of my heart
Birthday wishes for a father like no other
My darling girl turns another year older today
You’re older but more beautiful than ever, sweetie
A great man, mentor and a respected figure
My one and only was born on this day
Happy birthday to my brother from
another mother!

Although we aren’t blood-related,
I still consider you to be my brother
all the same, my dear friend!

Wishing you but greatness in life and
hoping that you have an absolutely
amazing birthday today, bro!
Happy birthday, bestie.

There’s no other day more perfect than your birthday to tell you just how meaningful and touching your friendship is to me. I want you to know that you are so much more than just my best friend. To me, you’re more like a sister I never had.

I’ll always be grateful that I was blessed with someone as special as you in my life. You’re my soul sister and best friend forever, girl.
I love you more each year, my princess
Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!

Ever since the day you were born, you have been warming my heart and filling it with pride year after year. I am truly blessed to have such a special princess in my life!
Happy birthday to
the woman that brings
sunshine to my life,
my dear caring
and loving wife!

You’re the person in
whom I can confide
and I’m so lucky to
have you by my side.

Have the special day
that you most deserve,
my beautiful wife!

Happy birthday!
My hilarious and crazy friend