Happy Birthday Wisher

Happy birthday to my one and only
My ever so dependable elder sis
Always more like a sister
You are a blessing, little princess
I fall deeper in love with you every day
Wishing you a phenomenal birthday
A very happy birthday to the prettiest girl I know! Never change, I love you just the way you are. There isn’t any other person in this world as charming and as stylish as you are.

I wish you many more stylish days for your future!
Your leadership guides everyone towards success
A close friend and true sister at heart
Happy birthday to my childhood bestie
Happy birthday to the most generous and giving person I know: my mom! 

You are always so full of love and so keen to make everyone around you as happy as possible, which I really love about you!

Your kind and selfless personality are what I admire most about you, mom! I hope that someday I too grow up to be the great woman that you are!
Have a wonderful birthday, my dear! You are a very special person and you deserve all the happiness life can give you.
I have always looked up to you, sis
The sweetest younger sis
Having a smart, funny, and wonderful person as a best friend must be something truly special and a great gift in itself. You really are quite lucky, my man!

I’m wishing you all the best on your birthday today, pal!
You get more and more beautiful each year
Wishing you a marvellous birthday, ma’am
On your birthday,
I wanted you to know
that I am so fortunate
not only to have such
a strong female figure
in my life, but also
the most reliable,
trustworthy friend
I could wish for.

You are an inspiration
to many, including me!

Have the absolute best
day, you lovely lady!
I must be crazy
You have the greatest younger sibling, bro
You'll always be a special person in my life
Happy birthday to one of the most selfless, warm-hearted people I have the pleasure of knowing.

May you have a blessed birthday this year, my dear.
Big sisters are there for you no matter what
Cousin, you'll always be more like a sister to me
You’ve achieved sister status, my friend