Happy Birthday Wisher

Happy birthday, my lovely wife
Happy birthday to my glamorous best friend
Wishing a great birthday to the love of my life
Wishing you a marvellous birthday, ma’am
Thank you for the wonderful messages
I was overwhelmed by all the attention
Your wishes meant so much to me
Happy birthday to my favorite person of all!

Over the years, you have touched my heart in more ways than you’ll ever know.

We have created the most wonderful memories from spending so much time together and hanging out, and a day not spent in your company is no fun at all!

Wishing you all the best on your special day, my friend!
Another trip around the sun, dear wife
Birthday wishes for my fabulous daughter
A very happy birthday to you, madam
You have a special place in my heart, sis
Sending you all my kisses, my love
Happy birthday to my better half,
the person who completes me:
my beautiful wife!

Thank you for all of your love and
support over the years; I would be
totally lost without you.

You are an incredible woman, wife,
mother, and friend. Anyone who
has had the pleasure of being in
your presence adores you because
it’s impossible not to!

On your special day, I just want to
thank you for being the incredible
person that you are, and for making
all of those around you so very happy!

Have a tremendous birthday, my love!
Another year more beautiful
Someone special deserves an equally special day
I love you with all my heart, sis
Happy birthday to my partner in crime!

You are a phenomenal friend and I don’t know where I’d be without you! We have the most fun imaginable when we’re together and I am very grateful for you!

Enjoy your special day, bestie!
You know all my flaws
Happy birthday to the cutest little princess
12 months of watching you grow, baby girl
May all your hopes and dreams come true, brother
You'll always be close to my heart, sister
You deserve all the happiness
Happy birthday to my sanity-saving friend