Happy Birthday Wisher

If a friend is forever

A great teacher is the one who knows their students, motivates them and helps them evolve. You are definitely one of the great. Thank you for all your guidance and teachings.

I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come!

If 50 is the new 30 and you feel 10 years younger, this means you are 20.

So, instead of celebrating all of your life’s achievements, I’m just going to say that you have all of your life ahead and that you are destined for greater things, kid.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!

Don’t worry about your first grey hairs; they just make you sexier and more lovable! Happy birthday, my dear sweetie!

There is no other like you brother

You are my lover and best friend.
You know how to make me laugh
and when to hold my hand.

You make everything better
just by being on my side.
You've the strongest embrace.

All my love goes to you
on your very special day!
Loving you with all my heart,
now and forever your girl!

You make loving you so easy, just by being who you are! A big kiss on this very special day to my very special man!

I love you with all my heart, sis

Wishing you a marvelous birthday, my lovely niece! May this day bring you happiness and tons of wonderful surprises. Love you very much!

You are the best sister in the whole world

Dear cousin, I wish you
a marvelous birthday,
tons of love, happiness
and success.

You deserve
only the best in life,
for you are one of the
finest persons there are.

Hope you always find
what you’re looking for,
and that all your dreams
come true. Cheers!

What a happy day this is, for my favorite cousin has lived another year of live. Have a joyous birthday, dearest cousin! And never forget to laugh and share the best things in life with your loved ones.

Happy birthday, my dearest son!
I wish you only the best:
lots of love, success and
the richest experiences.

I love you unconditionally,
and that is something that
will never change.
You are part of me, and
that means a chunk of my
heart will always belong to you.

A friend and a brother

Thank you for making my life meaningful and for always being there for me through thick and thin. If I am where I am today it’s because of you. I will be forever grateful to you.

An amazing birthday to the most special person in my life!

Best things in life come in pairs and we are a great pair! Happy birthday, my one true love!

The best thing my brother did in his life was marrying you. Believe me, I grew up with him and I can see the transformation. You are a blessing in his life and in the life of all of us.

Have a fabulous birthday!

You are fifty today and little has changed. Maybe a few grey hairs and some wrinkles, but you are young at heart. Your youthfulness and good humour are contagious. Never stop being the great person that you are.

Have a glorious and amazing birthday!

When I became part of your family, I could never imagine I would be treated just like one of your own. Thank you for making me feel at home.

May the Lord bless you with as much love and joy as you have given me.

Happy birthday, father-in-law!

Like a father, you care.
Like a father, you are there.
Whenever needed, you are there.
Like a father, you give advice.

You are not my father,
but you treat me
as if I was your own.

I feel so blessed to have
met you and to have you in my life.
Thanks for everything second dad!

I wish you a lovely day and many more to come!

We hope you never retire because we need you to continue guiding us for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for being the best boss there is!

I wish you a happy birthday and many amazing years to come!

Teachers as great as you are hard to come by! You are so dedicated and you want nothing but the best for your students. Have a great birthday!

You are part of me.
I do not know how it happened
Or when it became like this,
But now you are part of me.

If I was to face this world alone
I would feel like an amputee
Forever wondering the earth
Without the best part of me.

Loving you for ever so terribly,
My sweetie, I wish you but the best
On this very special day!

You may be older now. You may be all grown up.
You may have a job, a career and a family of your own.
You may be old enough to drive and to have a drink.
You may have grown up talks and meetings.

But to me you haven’t changed a bit.
You will always be my little baby brother.
I wish you all the best on your special day.

Growing up with you was an adventure where the biggest risk was having too much fun. We were superheroes, astronauts, cowboys, wizards and all those characters from the books we loved.

Have a year filled with fantasy like our playtime used to have!