Happy Birthday Wisher

A cousin brother so funny and cool
Wishing you many more adventures
A brother is someone you can trust and rely on
13 today! Welcome to your teenage years!

Thirteen is a magical age, with so many
new experiences on the horizon for you!

Enjoy this new chapter in your life and
cherish these youthful years, as you’ll
never get them back!

You’re no longer the little kid we once
knew and loved, now you’re on the path to
becoming the adolescent that we adore!

Have a joyous birthday and many happy
years to come!
An aunt like no other
May God bless you with the best this year
You're always special to me
A wonderful and inspirational mentor
A sweet sister-in-law is a gift from god
Happy birthday to a truly special girl
Happy birthday, little one! I can’t believe you are already turning 3 years old today!

It feels like only yesterday you were being brought home from the hospital. I guess time flies when it is crammed full of amazing, unforgettable moments!

I want to wish you a lifetime of happiness and I hope that you enjoy your third birthday today!
You’re one in a million, bro
You are a ray of sunshine in anybody’s
life, and especially in mine.

You’re so warm and welcoming with
your big open arms, with the brightest
personality of anyone I know.

I feel very blessed to know someone as
wonderful as you. Happy birthday to you.
Your wishes meant so much to me
A leader who inspires confidence
Happy birthday to my perfect wife
You’re worth waiting for, my love
Happy 19th birthday to the most amazing girl: my beautiful daughter! May your special day fill your heart with joy and surround you with love, my sweet princess!
Wishing you happiness, brother-in-law
My wife, the love of my life
My little angel is celebrating
yet another birthday already!

You are growing up so fast,
my dear niece, my only wish
is that you slow down so that
I can savor and cherish these
glorious years!

Wishing you a beautiful
birthday today!
Wishing you a magical birthday, sweetheart
This is a very special day and one that
always touches my heart, for it would
have been my father’s birthday today.

I still feel lost without you as you always
were my rock and my guiding light but
even though you’re no longer with us,
you’ll still always be my hero.

Happy birthday and rest well, dad.
A spectacular milestone
Happy birthday to you today,
my beautiful angel in heaven.

You are missed so dearly, but
your memory lives on and so
does my love for you. You will
always be my most loved one.

I’m sending heavenly wishes
your way as we celebrate you
today, my dear.