5th Birthday Wishes

36 happy birthday wishes found:

To my very special daughter on your
5th birthday, I’m wishing for all of life’s
greatest wonders to come your way.

I hope you know just how truly loved
you are today, tomorrow, and every
day that follows, my little princess!
Happy birthday to a special little prince!

May your 5th birthday bless you with all the love and joy possible!
Happy 5th birthday, son!

Today you turn the very big and very special age of 5! You’re growing up so fast and I am so very proud of you, my dear!

No matter how quickly you grow up, though, you’ll always be my little boy!
Happy 5th birthday to the big birthday boy! I hope that your party is loads of fun and it’s as cool as you are, my man!
Congratulations to the proud parents on the 5th birthday of your little princess!

She certainly is a little wonder and something very special! You’re all undoubtedly going to have many happy years ahead together!

Sending my very best birthday wishes to your adorable cutie pie!
Happy 5th birthday
To my little guy!

I want you to know
You’re my main man
And I’ll always be 
Your number one fan!

You are my whole entire world,
My heart, my pride,
And for that, I’ll be
Forever by your side.
It truly is a wonderful time to be alive, as today you are turning the grand age of 5!

Happy 5th birthday to you, my dear!
There isn’t a single day that goes past
where you don’t put a gigantic smile
upon my face, my little princess!

I hope you have a very happy 5th
birthday today, at least as happy as
you make me.

I love you more than words can say
and I am a very proud parent because
of you, my sweet pea!
Wow! Look at how big you’re getting, kiddo! I’m wishing you the happiest 5th birthday ever!
Happy birthday to a super special little guy!

May your imagination run wild and fill your fifth birthday with the greatest adventures!

You mean so much to me and you fill my heart with such joy, just seeing you happy brings a smile to my face!

I hope you enjoy this big birthday of yours and look forward to the many more that are yet to come!
A magnificent little princess is turning 5 today! Happy 5th birthday, sweetie!

I am hoping for this very special birthday of yours to be filled with sparkles and things so sweet!

Sending lots of kisses and big birthday wishes to you today!
A big high-five to a big 5-year-old! Look at how quickly you are growing up!

I’m wishing you the perfect 5th birthday, my dear, and hoping that this year brings you all the happiness you deserve!

A very happy birthday to you today!
Happy 5th birthday, little dude!

I am incredibly proud to have a nephew
that’s so cool and as funny as you are!

For 5 whole years now you’ve been
warming the hearts of those closest to
you. All I hope for in life for you is that
as you grow, so does the love and
happiness in your heart.

Sending you big kisses and super tight
hugs on your big special day today! 
Happy 5th birthday, sweetie! I hope that today, on your very special day, all of your dreams and wishes come true for you!

You’re the sweetest kid and you deserve the happiest day and the happiest year to come! Lots of big kisses to you today!
Happy birthday, our beautiful little boy!

Today is your 5th birthday which means you can now count all of your years on one whole hand!

You’re a little cracker of a kid and we are so very proud of you!

Lots of love from mommy and daddy!

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