Happy 30th Birthday

32 happy birthday wishes found:

Your big special day is finally here!
Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend!

I hope this wonderful milestone in your
life brings you all the love, happiness,
and success that you so deserve.
I’m wishing only the very best for you!
Haven’t you heard, 30 is the new 20!

That means you get to redo all of your
best years all over again!

Happy 30th birthday!
Happy 30th birthday! You may be 30 in age, but you are definitely still 18 at heart!

Never stop being forever young, my friend!
Happy 30th birthday, my dear! Your
twenties were just practice, it’s in your
thirties where the real adulting begins!

I hope that this new chapter in your life
brings you everything you have been
wishing for and more!

My very best wishes to you today!
Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend!

Between me and you, you can remain twenty-nine for as long as you’d like! It can be our little secret and my very special and unique birthday gift to you this year!
You might be turning thirty today, but you’ve still got a few youthful years left in you yet! Enjoy them while you can, my friend!

Happy 30th birthday!
Happy 30th birthday, bestie!

I honestly can’t say that you’re any
different now to when you were 18! 

Sure, you might’ve grown up a bit, but
you’re still the young, fun-loving person
that I have always known and loved!

I hope that never changes, my dear!
You are perfect the way you are!

All my love to you on your special day!
Happy 30th birthday!

Now that you’re entering your
thirties, you’ll soon discover
that hangovers aren’t what
they used to be!
No longer are you a carefree twenty-
something now that your big three-
zero has finally arrived!

Those all-nighters will soon be a
thing of the past!

I am sure that you will settle into
your thirties well, and I am wishing
you every happiness in this new
adult phase of your life!

All the very best to you, my dear friend!
Somebody truly fabulous is turning
thirty today: you!

Happy birthday to you, my dear.
I hope this beautiful birthday of
yours is a very special one that
you can always look back on with
lots of smiles and happy memories.
You’re already thirty? I can’t believe it, when did that happen?! 

Happy birthday and enjoy your special day, my dear friend!
Turning 30 years old is cause for celebration! I hope this new chapter of your life brings you all the happiness you deserve. Cheers!
Wishing you all the success and
happiness possible on your very
special birthday this year!

Turning 30 is a significant time in
anybody’s life and I hope that yours
is a memorable one to enjoy looking
back on for a long time to come!

Have an absolute blast today and
I’m sending you all my very best,
my dear friend!
Happy thirtieth birthday! You can still tell people that you’re twenty-something if you want, you could easily still pass as under thirty! I wouldn’t tell anyone, I promise! 

You are blessed with a youthful appearance which should provide you with many more years to come!

Many happy returns, my dear friend! I hope you have a really enjoyable day, celebrating yet another important milestone in your life!
Happy 27th birthday, my dear! Your 30th, the big one, is drawing ever closer!

I hope you enjoy these last few years of your twenties and make the most of them!

Sending all my love to you today, my dear!

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