150+ Best Birthday Wishes for Uncle

God only knows how I ended up
with an uncle so great, one who’s
not only family but also a dear mate.

May you have a very happy birthday
today, and bless you for being the
wonderful man that you are.
Happy birthday to my uncle, a man truly like no other!

You light up any room with your big personality and warm the hearts of all those around you with your kind soul. You really are a very remarkable man.
Happy birthday to you! An uncle so
great deserves a celebration that’s
truly magnificent!

I hope your birthday today brings
as much happiness to your heart as
you’ve brought to mine, and as much
fun as you’ve given me over the years.
To the best uncle
I wish the best birthday!
You are amazing and I
really like having you around.
Hope you’ll be here for me
forever, and we can be friends
and I can learn from you
for many many many years more.
You deserve a very special birthday cake for achieving such a remarkable age this year, dear uncle!

And yes, when I say remarkable I do mean super old! Happy birthday!
Many happy returns to you!

It’s very clear that time is your friend as it has certainly been kind to you, my dear uncle!

I just hope that I’m as lucky as you’ve been and that I age just as gracefully too!
An uncle as cool and as funny as you deserves a birthday that’s equally as awesome and hilarious!

My birthday wish for you on your special day is just that, and that you’re left with the most amazing memories to treasure.
It’s plain and simple 
For me to say,
You’re the best uncle 
By a long way! 

Happy birthday to you!
A crazy uncle like you
There cannot be two
You truly are unique
You’re my favorite freak!

Happy birthday! 😜
Happy birthday to you! Out of all my uncles on my mother’s side, you’re by far my favorite!

You have given me so much over the years, more than you’ll ever know. I’ll always be grateful for having a relative like you.
On your special day today, I have to tell
you that you’ve been a huge influence in
making me the person I am today.

You’re the greatest role model and a dear
father-figure, and I’m so lucky to have had
someone like you in my life all these years.

Happy birthday to you from the deepest
depths of my heart.
Today, I have the pleasure of wishing
a truly great man in my life a very
happy birthday: you!

Over the years, something has become
more and more apparent to me. You don’t
get any older in my eyes, you just seem to
get better and improve with age.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today,
and here’s to many more still to come!
Happy birthday! To have had such a
great man in my life since birth truly
is one of the greatest blessings.

I am very grateful for you and I want
you to know that you will always be
more like a second father to me.

May you have the best birthday
celebrations ever, dearest uncle.
Happy birthday, uncle!

There’s nobody I know who is better proof that age is just a number than you!

You’re still very much young at heart!
Happy birthday and best wishes to my mother’s brother: my uncle! I hope you have a day that’s as full of fun and as wonderful as you are!

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