150+ Best Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Those are not wrinkles on your face; those are the marks of a beautiful life! A very happy birthday to my dearest uncle!
It's true, no one can choose their family, but I could never have chosen a better uncle than you! May your birthday be filled with laughter!
Happy birthday to a very special and
significant man in my life!

I have so much admiration for you, uncle,
and I will always hold onto the lessons
that you’ve taught me throughout my life.

I hope you have a tremendous day today!
You’re not just my uncle; you’re an integral part of our family. You’re loved by all and we’re very lucky to have a great guy like you in our lives.

May you have the wonderful birthday today that you’re so deserving of.
I’m lucky to have so many male role models in my life, but none are as important as you. Your grace, perseverance and wisdom are some of the many reasons why I look up to you.

Thank you for being who you are! Have a lovely day, uncle!
Another year has passed us by, dear uncle, and you continue to be living proof that you don’t necessarily become any wiser the older you get!

That’s okay, though! You don’t need to become any wiser because you’re already wise enough!

Happy birthday!
Uncle, you have been there
for me through thick and thin.
You will always be a special
and important man in my life.

I’m wishing you the happiest
birthday possible.
It’s a sure sign that you’re getting old
when the candle to frosting ratio on
your birthday cake is equal, uncle!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you today, my dear uncle.

My mom is lucky to have you as a brother,
which makes me lucky to have an uncle
like you.

I’ll always be grateful for the wonderful
times we’ve shared and the unforgettable
memories we’ve made together.
Uncle, it seems that much like a fine
wine you become more full-bodied as
you age, yet unlike aged cheese, you
never seem to mature!

Happy birthday!
I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
today, my dear uncle!

Wisdom and age come hand in hand, and
that couldn’t be any truer in your case!

I hope you have the incredible birthday
that you are so deserving of!
For a person of your age 
You certainly don’t seem old
You’re still young and hip
You truly break the mould!

Happy birthday, uncle!
I’m so lucky to have
A great uncle like you
As in the whole world
There are very few!

Happy birthday to you!
The only thing better than having an uncle like you would be if I had another just as great, so then I’d have two!

Sending you my best birthday wishes today!
Happy birthday, old-timer!

While you might be on the wrong
side of 50, everybody knows that
you’re a young soul really!

You don’t let age define you as a
person and it certainly doesn’t stop
you from doing whatever you want!

I hope you have a fantastic day
today and here’s to many more
glorious years yet to come!

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