Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

83 happy birthday wishes found:

Having a sibling is all about sharing so I'm honored that I get to share my special day with you, twin sis!

Happy birthday to me and to you!
Like so many things in our lives, our
birthday is just another part of us that’s
identical! Happy birthday to us, sis!
Happy birthday to me, and to you too, I guess! You are a gift that keeps on giving, my dear sister!

In you, I know that I have a friend for life and someone who will always be by my side. We will stick together forever, sis!
We are as close as any siblings could be!

Happy birthday to us, twin sis!
Happy birthday to the two most
beautiful twin girls!

You have brought twice the happiness,
twice the love, and twice the laughter
into the lives of all those that know you!

I wish you both the most amazing
birthday and many happy years to come!
Happy birthday to my sister from
another mother, my partner in crime
and best friend in the whole world!

If we were actually related we would
be twins because we simply share
so many similarities!

Sending you big hugs and kisses
on your special day today!
Happy birthday to the biggest blessing in my life: my dear sis from another miss!

We’re practically twins and to me, you’re a friend and a sister rolled into one!
Congratulations to the parents of the sweetest little girl on her first birthday!

I’m sending her lots of great big kisses and hoping that this very special birthday of hers is as sparkly and glittery as the twinkle in her eyes!
Happy birthday to my very dearest! There’s
really no other companion quite like you!

We are inseparable, in sync, and totally
devoted to one another! Much more like
twin sisters than buddies!

I hope your special day is just as lovely
as you are, my dear!
My lovely twin sister, no other person on the face of this earth understands us like we do. You know me inside and out and I know you just as well.

We knew each other even before we were born and we'll continue to be the perfect pair throughout our lives.

This is our grand day and I hope you have the most fun you’ve ever experienced!
So you’re another year older
One more trip around the sun
Luckily for you, you still smoulder
After another year filled with fun!

Like stars in the moonlight
Your eyes still have that twinkle
And also light-years away are
Your laughter lines and wrinkles!

Happy birthday, girl!
Happy 12th birthday to
a very special little lady!

May this special day of
yours be filled with lots
of delicious cake and big
balloons, all covered with
glitter that twinkles and
sparkles the same way
that you do in my heart!
Happy birthday to that one friend of mine who just gets me! Like twins, our minds and souls appear to be perfectly synced!

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