Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

83 happy birthday wishes found:

It’s my birthday today and although
I don’t get it all to myself, that's okay
because I get to share it with my twin
and best friend in the world!
They say that the best things in life come in pairs and God obviously thought so too otherwise he wouldn’t have created us! Happy birthday, twinny!
Happy birthday to us, twin sis!

On our special day, there’s just one important thing I must say, which is that I’m so proud to be a part of this fabulous double act.

I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed to be cut from the same cloth as you, sis!
God clearly thought that we were so amazing it was worth making two of us!

Happy birthday to us, twin sis!
Forever hand in hand
Always two by two
I’m so blessed to have
A friend and twin in you!

Happy birthday to us!
Sure, being one of a kind is great,
but the only thing better than that
is being two of a kind!

If something is as wonderful as we
are, surely it’s better to have double
the greatness!

Happy birthday to us, my dear twin!
On this day,
Many years ago
Not one, but two
Incredible humans
Entered the world!

Happy birthday to me
And my twin sis!
Today is the birthday of not one,
but two beautiful beings!

That’s right, my twin sis and I are
celebrating our identical birthday
today! Happy birthday to us!
Today isn’t just a special day,
it’s a doubly special day as it’s
both yours and my birthday!

We’ve shared many birthdays
now and one thing I have
learned for sure is that life is so
much better with you by my side.

Happy birthday, sis.
As twins, we possess a truly special
bond and I feel so blessed that we’ve
been able to share our journey through
life together since day one.

I’m sending lots of love your way today
as we celebrate yet another birthday
of ours, sis!
My beautiful twin, my best
friend, and my guiding light.
To me, you are all these
things and more, my dear.

Happy birthday to us.
Having a twin definitely has its perks and one of them is that I get to spend my birthday with my favourite human in the whole world!

It really does make our birthday the most special event of the year!
Today’s twice as special
A day I cannot miss
As it’s the birthday of
Me and my twin sis!
Today is your birthday, twin sis, which
means that it must be mine too!

Happy birthday to us and may we both
enjoy our very special day!
People might struggle to tell us apart but to me, that’s actually one of the biggest compliments anyone could ever give me!

We’re already pretty similar but if I can be more like you then that’s just a bonus!

Happy birthday to us, sis!