Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Were found 80 happy birthday messages:

We will be together forever, 
Nothing could ever tear us apart
For you’re my twin sister, 
And you’ll always be in my heart!

May we have a fabulous birthday
Today and may all of our hopes
And wishes come true!
Today is the birthday of not one,
but two beautiful beings!

That’s right, my twin sis and I are
celebrating our identical birthday
today! Happy birthday to us!
You’re the one person in the world
whose birthday would be impossible
for me to forget!

Happy birthday to you and to me,
twin sis!
They say that the best things in life come in pairs and God obviously thought so too otherwise he wouldn’t have created us! Happy birthday, twinny!
Happy birthday to us, twin sis!

On our special day, there’s just one important thing I must say, which is that I’m so proud to be a part of this fabulous double act.

I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed to be cut from the same cloth as you, sis!
My beautiful twin, my best
friend, and my guiding light.
To me, you are all these
things and more, my dear.

Happy birthday to us.
Today is my birthday but not mine alone!

I’m extremely fortunate and truly blessed that I get to share this blissful day with my twin sis!
Happy birthday to me, and to you too, I guess! You are a gift that keeps on giving, my dear sister!

In you, I know that I have a friend for life and someone who will always be by my side. We will stick together forever, sis!
Sis, today is my favorite day of the year because it’s our birthday! I feel blessed as always that I’m able to share it with you!
It’s my birthday today and although
I don’t get it all to myself, that's okay
because I get to share it with my twin
and best friend in the world!
Today isn’t just a special day,
it’s a doubly special day as it’s
both yours and my birthday!

We’ve shared many birthdays
now and one thing I have
learned for sure is that life is so
much better with you by my side.

Happy birthday, sis.
God clearly thought that we were so amazing it was worth making two of us!

Happy birthday to us, twin sis!
Today is your birthday, twin sis, which
means that it must be mine too!

Happy birthday to us and may we both
enjoy our very special day!
We go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod! Nothing in the world could separate our bond!

Happy birthday to you and to me, sis!
Like so many things in our lives, our
birthday is just another part of us that’s
identical! Happy birthday to us, sis!