Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

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Not one, but two beautiful girls are celebrating their birthdays today!

I hope you twin girls have an absolute blast! Happy birthday!
You twin girls share such a special
bond, almost telepathic with one
another if you will!

I know that you two will be the best
of friends until the end of time!

Sending all my love and best wishes
to you both on your special day!
You twin sisters are far from two of a kind!

Sure, you may look alike, but that’s where your identicalness ends! Each of you are your own person with very different personalities, interests and characteristics!

I’m wishing you both the happiest of birthdays today, my dears!
Today I am wishing a very happy birthday to two very trendy twin sisters!

I hope you are both able to celebrate your joint birthday in style!

Wishing you both a very happy, healthy and exciting year ahead, my dears! 
Today I have the pleasure of wishing
not one, but two wonderful girls a
very happy birthday!

You are the coolest sisters I know,
and I hope you two twins have the
absolute best day surrounded by all
of your wonderful friends and family!
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my two beautiful twin girls! 

I would have been blessed with just one of you, but to have two of you is the biggest blessing I could possibly imagine!

You are the most adorable sisters with the most amazing close-knit relationship. 

Sisters always have a special connection with one another, but with you two it’s on another level. I hope you always treasure the very special bond you share, girls!

Sending you both all my love and wishing you an amazing birthday!

Today I am wishing a very happy
birthday to not just one, but two
beautiful princesses!

You lovely twin sisters deserve
to be treated like royalty today
on your very special day!

Sending twice the kisses and
twice the love to you both!
On this birthday of ours, I want to
take the opportunity to let you know
just how grateful I am for you, my
beautiful twin sister.

I might not tell you as often as I
should, but you mean the absolute
world to me.

Thank you for being the best friend,
sister, and companion in life that I
could ever wish for.
Twins have a very special and unique connection, but really that connection is only as great as the bond that they share. I’m so glad that we decided to embrace ours and cherish it, sis.

You’re the most special person in the world to me, and the truth is simply that you always will be.

Happy birthday, my dear twin sister.
Isn’t it funny how it’s impossible for me to
forget your birthday, yet totally possible
for me to forget to get you a gift!

I have no excuses but really, who needs
fancy prezzies when we have each other!

I don’t want to speak for you, but a twin
sister like you is the best gift life could’ve
given me! Happy birthday to us!
Happy birthday to someone who is just like me: my twin sister!

May our special day together be awesome!
Today’s a wonderful and very important day as it’s our birthday, my dear sister!

Some twins grow apart as they get older, but I am so thankful that we only seem to become closer, sis. I’ll always cherish the very special bond that we’ve been gifted with.
Today isn’t only my birthday, but also my twin sister’s too! I’m more than happy to share my special day with such an important person in my life!
As much as I would like today all to myself, I’m also happy that I’m able to share it with my twin sister!

We’re lucky to be a part of a unique minority that has this privilege, and I’m proud to be the twin of such a wonderful human being!

Happy birthday to us and here’s to many more birthdays together, sis!
Not everyone is lucky enough 
To have a twin sister like you, 
In fact, in reality
There are very few!

There are many reasons
Why I love you so dearly
But for each one alone
I cherish you sincerely!

Happy birthday, sis!

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