Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Were found 80 happy birthday messages:

Not everyone is lucky enough 
To have a twin sister like you, 
In fact, in reality
There are very few!

There are many reasons
Why I love you so dearly
But for each one alone
I cherish you sincerely!

Happy birthday, sis!
My dearest twin sister, today sees us become older, wiser, and more beautiful than ever before! Our fabulousness is identical!

Here’s to us on our special day, and may this year to come be a truly wonderful one!
Isn’t it funny how it’s impossible for me to
forget your birthday, yet totally possible
for me to forget to get you a gift!

I have no excuses but really, who needs
fancy prezzies when we have each other!

I don’t want to speak for you, but a twin
sister like you is the best gift life could’ve
given me! Happy birthday to us!
My life is so much better
With a twin sister like you
We just work perfectly
As a pair, me and you!

Happy birthday to us!
My dear twin sister, today I am wishing you (and me!) a very happy birthday!

Love you, sis!
Happy birthday to us!

There are few things as precious to me in this world as you are, my dear twin sister. You make each day brighter and so much better.

I truly am so thankful to have a forever friend and sibling like you!
I’ve grown up with you
Forever by my side
Two by two, In you
I can always confide.

I couldn’t have wished
For a better twin sister
Than you. Happy birthday.
Two tremendous twins are celebrating their birthday today: me and my sister!

I am so excited to celebrate this special day with all of our friends and family!
A shared birthday is twice the fun and I’m privileged that I get to share mine with you, my twin sister!

Happy birthday to us!
Today isn’t only my birthday, but also my twin sister’s too! I’m more than happy to share my special day with such an important person in my life!
Happy birthday to the two most beautiful and extraordinary twin sisters!

We are so lucky that there’s two of you!
Happy birthday to me and while I’m at it, happy birthday to my twin sister too!

Sharing a birthday with my sis isn’t the worst thing in the world, it just means there’s double the amount of presents and twice as much cake!
Happy birthday to my favourite twin
sister! We’ve been the best of friends
since the very beginning and we will
be forevermore!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday
today, at least as wonderful as it is
for me, too!
Happy birthday to the person whose
birthday is naturally easy for me to
remember: my beloved twin sister!

Thank you for being the best sibling
and friend a person could ever hope for.
I’m truly blessed to share so much with
someone so great!
You may well be the only
twin sisters I know, but I
would bet that I’d never find
another two as unique and
amazing as you!

Wishing you both the very
best birthday and hoping
that this year ahead is
incredible for you two!