Special Birthday Wishes

Were found 53 happy birthday messages:

Another year spent with you by my side is one more year I’ll cherish forevermore.

Happy birthday to you, my dearest.
Someone like you deserves the gold standard of birthday wishes, and that’s exactly what I’m sending to you this year! Happy birthday!

You're such a special person in my life and a dear friend to me. I'm very lucky to have you around.
Today’s your birthday and it’s
a big one, my friend!

I hope this special birthday of
yours brings lots of love and
happiness into your life, and
that it’s the first of many great
days to come this year!

Happy birthday to you!
I’m wishing for all things great and wonderful to bless you as you celebrate your special day this year, my dear! A very happy birthday to you!
I’m sending only the most special wishes your way today on your birthday, my dear!

I hope it’s everything you wanted it to be!
I hope that this year you are wishing for something extra special, as I’ll have everything crossed for you hoping that it comes true! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to the love of my life: my loving and supportive husband! I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful person by my side all these years.
My birthday wishes for you this year
Are extra special, heartfelt, and sincere
As to me, you are simply somebody 
Who is so very extraordinary and dear.

Happy birthday to you from
The very bottom of my heart.

May your special day warm
Your soul in the same way that 
You’ve always warmed mine.
Today isn’t just your normal or average day, it’s an occasion that’s especially noteworthy as you’re celebrating another glorious year in your life!

I’m wishing a very happy birthday to you and I hope you have the most fantastic birthday celebrations!
Happy birthday to the most special person around: my dear best friend! Someone like you is a blessing in anybody’s life, but especially in mine!
Ordinary birthday wishes
Simply will not do
When it’s the special day
Of somebody like you!

Happy birthday to you!
Someone like you is worthy of more than just standard, ordinary birthday wishes on your anniversary today!

I’m sending you the most special wishes of all, filled with love and hope for a fantastic year ahead!

All the very best to you, my dear!
Happy birthday to you, my dear.

May the candles on your cake 
Today shine big and bright
Shining joy on your special day
All through the day and night

I’m sending you the very best
And most special wishes today.

Birthdays are a time for a special celebration, but yours is one in particular that deserves an extra special acknowledgment. I’m wishing you a very happy and wonderful birthday.
This birthday wish
Is especially for you
To recognize everything
Good that you do!

Happy birthday, my dear!