Sentimental Birthday Quotes

970 happy birthday wishes found:

Huge congratulations and a very
happy birthday to you!

Your 16th birthday is a very special
one as it brings more liberty for you
to spread your wings!

I hope you enjoy letting loose with
your newfound freedom, my dear!
Wishing you a truly magical birthday
We’re a match made in heaven, my love
Wishing someone special the happiest birthday ever!

You are so dear to me, you are much more like family!
Happy birthday to my number one
Preparing for your special day, my love
Happy birthday to someone who is truly exceptional to me!

You are such a huge part of my life and you touch my heart in ways I didn’t think another human being could. You really do mean the world to me.

I hope your special day this year brings you immense happiness and lots of love, just as you deserve!
Never lose your sense of humor, brother
I want to grow old with you, my love
Seeing you grow up is funny because deep down I know you’re still the same little guy I grew up with! You’ll always be the mischievous brother I grew up with, and that never gets old!

May you always stay young, funny, and cheeky, brother! Happy birthday to you!
1 birthday down and many more to go! Happy birthday, little one!

The world awaits you full of new adventures and magical moments, sweet baby. May each year be better, happier, and more wonderful than the one before it.
You taught me what true love is
I’m blessed to share my life with you, wife
The time has come around once again to celebrate another year of your life! I hope your special day this year is phenomenal, my dear!
Our long distance relationship is unbreakable
As you get older so do your jokes
I’m wishing for all things great and wonderful to bless you as you celebrate your special day this year, my dear! A very happy birthday to you!
Happy 16th to the birthday boy! I’m so happy for you as you turn this very important age.

This is definitely one of your most special teenage years, so make sure you go out there and make every moment count!
Today’s a really big deal
As you’re turning 16
Stay true to yourself
And always keep it real!

Happy 16th birthday!
Someone as special as
you deserves a day filled
with great moments,
the best atmosphere,
and lots of laughs!

Enjoy your day with all of
your loved ones around you,
and I hope you make plenty
of happy memories
that’ll last a lifetime!

Another year spent with you by my side is one more year I’ll cherish forevermore.

Happy birthday to you, my dearest.
Happy birthday to you, my dear!

Your special day calls for VIP treatment, so I’m wishing you all the best and hoping that your birthday this year leaves you with a heart full of love and many magnificent memories to cherish!
Happy birthday to someone whose unique presence in my life is so beautiful and meaningful to me. You are the brightness that lights my day, my dear.

May your birthday this year be a truly special one, just as you deserve it to be.
Congratulations to you on turning sixteen!

Your 16th birthday is a big one, so I hope that it’s everything you hoped it would be!
To a person who means more
to me than words can say,
I’m wishing you everything great
on your special day.

Happy birthday, my dear!