Birthday Poems

39 happy birthday wishes found:

I’m wishing you well
As you celebrate today
With all your loved ones
On your birthday!

And for the year ahead
I hope it’s kind to you
With all your desires
Finally coming true!

Happy birthday!
A birthday poem for a girl so sweet
Happy birthday to you,
Dear friend of mine
Cheers to your special day
With a glass full of wine!

May we drink to good health,
Happiness and love,
And I hope you are blessed
With bliss from above!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to a friend
Who is always there
With an endless supply
Of loving support and care!

I’m wishing you the most
Blissful birthday today!
Dear friend of mine,
Happy birthday to you
I’m sending you love
And lots of hugs, too!

I hope your special day
Is everything you wished for
And that the years ahead
Bring you happiness, evermore!
I hope your special day
Makes you laugh and smile
And doesn’t just pass by
Instead, lasts for a while!

Wishing you lots of happiness
And joy on your birthday today!
An angel sent from heaven
A truly special person
To have you in my life
Is but the biggest blessing.

You’re appreciated more
Than you will ever realize
And forever reserved for you
Is a special spot in my heart.

Happy birthday to you today!
If there’s one thing you can be sure of
On your birthday this year, 
It’s that you're surrounded by love
An abundance of it, my dear.

Throughout your blessed life
Wherever you may go,
This I hope you remember
Therefore, you'll always know.

Happy birthday, my dear!
This special day is yours,
It belongs solely to you.
With it comes a small gesture
From me to you.

I wanted to gift you something 
Meaningful, yet understated.
A present that would leave you
Feeling loved and elated.

So my conclusion was this:
A sweet little poem
Designed to really
Get your birthday going!
The sweetest of days
Is what I wish for you
As you celebrate another 
Year beginning anew!

May this new chapter
Ahead that awaits
Be filled with goodness
Making it one of the greats!

Happy birthday, my dear!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Today is your birthday,
So I’m thinking of you!
Brilliant, you are
Inspiring to many
Respectful and kind 
To all and any
Hand on heart
Dear friend of mine
Anyone can tell
You’re sweet and divine!

Happy birthday to you!
I’m hoping that everything
Good comes your way,
As today is your birthday,
Your very special day!

You deserve the world
More than anyone I know,
So a big birthday bash
Is what we shall throw!

Happy birthday to you!
Today is your birthday so
On your special day this year,
I just wanted to make
Something perfectly clear.

You’re an amazing friend,
You mean so much to me
Without you in my life
I don’t know where I’d be!

Happy birthday to you!
A friendship is like a flower
Blossoming slowly over time
But after being nurtured
The results are quite sublime!

Happy birthday to you today,
My friend!
Happy birthday to you!

I might not tell you daily
What a wonderful friend
You’ve always been,
But your birthday brings a time
Where I can tell you exactly
How much you mean!

Thank you for your friendship
And always sticking with me!

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