Birthday Poems

39 happy birthday wishes found:

No ordinary occasion
Celebrations are in order
As today marks the date
That you came into this world.

So let’s prepare a party
For today’s your special day
One like never before
With balloons, music, and cake!

Happy birthday to you and
I’m wishing you the best!
I’m wishing you a joyous birthday
One that tops all the rest
Surrounded by friends and family
It’s bound to be the best!

Happy birthday to you today!
Best friend of mine,
Today’s your special day,
So in the company of friends
Let’s party away!

We’ll let the good times roll
Until day turns to night
Making sure your birthday
Is but a delight!

Have an awesome birthday!
To me, you are a friend
Worth their weight in gold,
I know our bond will last us
Until we’re grey and old.

Happy birthday!
I’ve been saving this wish
Especially just for you
On your birthday this year, 
I hope your dreams come true!

A very happy birthday to you!
A special day of the year
Comes around once more
The anniversary of birth
Of someone I do adore!

Happy birthday to you!
The day you were born
The world changed for the better
Our hearts instantly filled
With enchantment and adoration.

You're a true blessing to many
You're the most beautiful thing
So much more than merely special
With the endless joy that you bring.

Happy birthday, my dear!
Another glorious year 
Has passed us by
In what feels like
The blink of an eye.

Treasure each day
As if it were your last
Live no regrets
And you’ll have a blast!

Happy birthday!
Your special day is upon us
We’ll gather around to sing
A happy birthday to you
And lots of gifts, we’ll bring!
A day like any other
Today is anything but
Candles will be lit
And cake shall be cut

We’ll all rejoice together
To celebrate your special day
And do our very utmost
To create the perfect birthday!
For you, my dear
I’m hoping for a year
Full of happiness
And filled with joy.

You deserve the world
And nothing less
So I’ll continue to wish
You the very best.

Happy birthday to you!
Birthdays come around
Just once every year
Make each one memorable
And truly special, my dear!

So here’s to you 
Hoping that you may
Savour and enjoy 
Your magical day!
A birthday wish for you
Sweet friend of mine
I’m hoping that your day
Is simply sublime!

Happy birthday to you!
Today, as you turn 12
I am wishing you the world.

On your last year of being a tween
May you blossom and thrive
Enjoy every moment in between
Before becoming a true teen
May your joyful youth last
As you’re growing up fast
Soon to join the teenage club
You’re almost a member
So may this birthday be
One to truly remember.

Happy 12th birthday to you.
Happy birthday to my someone special
A girl who always fills my heart with joy
I’m hoping that your special day is full
Of many wonderful moments to enjoy.

I’m sending you lots of lovely birthday
Wishes, each filled with lots of love.

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