Birthday Wishes for Lover

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A special birthday is coming up: the birthday of my love! 😍 I’m sending my best and most heartfelt wishes her way in preparation for her special day!
Happy birthday to the one
who warms my heart.

You inspire me every day
with your outlook on life and
amazing attitude. I’m a happier
and more optimistic person
because of you, my love.

May I always have you around
to brighten my days and make
them sweeter.
Happy birthday to you, my love, my life.
I’m hoping that your special day this
year is as truly beautiful as your soul is.
Sending sweet and wonderful wishes to the world’s greatest girlfriend on her birthday today! May your special day be as heart touching as your presence is ❤️
A love like ours truly is the most
precious gift. I feel blessed to be
celebrating another birthday with
you, my love. 

Best wishes and lots of love to you
on your special day today, my dear. 
For someone who fills me with love every
day, I’m wishing a birthday that’s love-filled
and great! Happy birthday, my sweet one!
On this special day,
I wanted to give you
everything: the sun,
the moon, the earth,
but none are mine, so
I’ll give you all I have:
my heart, my
unconditional love,
my devotion.
Happy birthday, love!
Happy birthday to you, my love!

I hope that your special day today is just the start of a wonderful year full of love and full of happiness!
There are many ways
to say I love you, and
my favorite is the way
you say it every time
I look into your eyes.
Happy birthday, love!
May this day be filled
with joy and your heart
filled with happiness.
I've loved you since
I first saw you,
and I will love you
till the world ends.
Wishing you a
happy birthday!

Stay true to yourself,
fight for what you
love and want, and
never give up on us.
Happy birthday, love!

You are a beautiful boy and a
magnificent man, a very special
person I am lucky to call my love.
I hope you know just how happy
and meaningful you make my life.

Thank you for touching my heart
each and every day.
You truly are a shining example of
everything good in this world, my love.
You brighten each day as it comes.

Advance happy birthday, sweetie!
My love for you
knows no bounds,
for you are my

Happy birthday my
dear sweetheart.
It is with a full heart that I wish you a happy birthday today, my love. You mean more to me than I could ever put into words.
I’m wishing you the loveliest birthday today, my love.

May your special day surprise and delight you, and warm your heart as much as you’ve warmed mine.

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