Birthday Wishes for Lover

Were found 219 happy birthday messages:

I can’t fully express in words just how much I love you, but I hope a gorgeous birthday cake and lots of lovely gifts will speak volumes!

Happy birthday, darling!
Happy birthday to the one whose love lights up my heart! May you have the happiest and most special day possible, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to the sweetest
boyfriend in the world! I am so
lucky to be the girlfriend of such
a lovely and wonderful person. 

Hopefully the cake I got you will
be almost as sweet and just as
delicious, my gorgeous guy!
Happy birthday to the kindest and
sweetest human in the whole world!

Today my favorite person turns
another year older and another
year more beautiful!

I love you to the moon and back,
my darling, and there really isn’t
anything I wouldn’t do for you!
A love like yours will see me through a lifetime of happiness and forever warm my heart. I couldn’t wish for a better partner than you.

I’m sending you the very best and happiest birthday wishes today, my love.
Happy birthday to my beautiful ex,
I hope life brings you but joy next!
I’m wishing you a birthday that’s
Both heart-touching and romantic
After all, it’s the least someone like you
Deserves, a man who’s so fantastic!

Happy birthday to you, my love!
The love I have for you burns hotter than the sun and brighter than the brightest star. I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart. Happy birthday.
A birthday wish
From me to you
Filled with love
And a kiss, or two!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
To my beautiful darling,

Beauty may be in the eye of the
beholder, but it’s clear for anyone to
see that you continue to defy mother
nature as you only get more beautiful
with each passing year.

I’m sending you the biggest kiss and
the tightest hug on your special day
today! Happy birthday to you with all
my love, forever and always!
A love like ours
As true as can be
Is the most meaningful
And touching thing to me.

Happy birthday, my dear.
A love like ours truly is the most
precious gift. I feel blessed to be
celebrating another birthday with
you, my love. 

Best wishes and lots of love to you
on your special day today, my dear. 
Happy birthday to you today,
my sweetheart!

The more time that we spend
in each other's lives, the more
I realize how perfectly suited
for each other we are.

I’m eternally blessed that we
met and I’m so incredibly
thankful for you, my dear!

Your birthday is the perfect time for me to declare my love for you, as few boyfriends are as heart-touching and as romantic as you! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

You are my love now and always.
My heart is so full because of you
and all of the wonderful things that
you do. I’m very blessed to have
someone so amazing in my life.