Birthday Wishes for Lover

284 happy birthday wishes found:

On this beautiful and special day,
I’m wishing the happiest of birthdays
to my beautiful and special girl.

Happy birthday with all my love 😘
Happy birthday, honey. 

You are the one to
Whom I was drawn
And who ever since
Has kept my heart warm. 
My birthday wishes for you this year may be early, but it doesn’t matter when, where, or how I say it as long as they find their way to you.
My one true love
The one I adore
We have a connection
I’ll cherish forevermore.

Happy birthday, my dear.
Since I want to be the first person you
hear from in the morning and the last
person before you go to sleep, I
wanted to send my wishes to you for
when you wake up on your birthday.

Happy birthday, my love. I hope your
special day starts well and finishes
even better.
I gave you my heart and for as long
as I breathe it’ll beat with love for you.

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, my love! Only the most special girlfriends deserve their birthday wishes in advance!
I have only the most beautiful birthday wishes for my most beautiful one on her special day today! 😍 May it be everything you could ever wish for!
Happy birthday in advance, my sweet girlfriend. Your special day can’t come quickly enough!
Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

A love as precious as ours deserves
to be cherished. I promise to hold your
love close to my heart always, my dear. 
We’re blessed
That we have
A love so true
We’re lucky to have
Found each other
Me and you.

Happy birthday,
My love.
These wishes are sweet
And filled with so much love
For the kindest person
I will ever meet. 💗

Happy birthday, my darling.
Happy birthday, my love.

I could search far and wide for the perfect gift for your birthday, but the truth is that there is no greater gift than a love like ours. We truly are very fortunate to have one another.
Today I am sending
The best birthday wishes
For a boyfriend so sweet
He’s simply the kindest
Guy I’ll ever meet!

Happy birthday, love!
Happy birthday to you, my love!

I hope that your special day today is just the start of a wonderful year full of love and full of happiness!