Happy Birthday My Love ❤️ Best Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Lover

It is with a full heart that I wish you a happy birthday today, my love. You mean more to me than I could ever put into words.
I close my eyes to take in the lingering scent of your perfume in the air, visualising you were still here close to me. I imagine what you would say and I reply with a smile. I never miss you, because you are always on my mind.

A birthday kiss and a happy day to you, my love!
Happy birthday to you, my love.

Since the day you entered my life,
my world has changed for the better.
Even after all this time, you’re
still the one I’m crazy about!

I have absolutely no doubt in
my mind that you’re the one
I will adore forevermore!

Happy birthday!
My birthday wishes for you this year may be early, but it doesn’t matter when, where, or how I say it as long as they find their way to you.
Happy birthday to the one I love!

I am so lucky to have a beautiful
shining star like you in my life ⭐️
Your birthday is the perfect time for me to declare my love for you, as few boyfriends are as heart-touching and as romantic as you! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the sweetest
boyfriend in the world! I am so
lucky to be the girlfriend of such
a lovely and wonderful person. 

Hopefully the cake I got you will
be almost as sweet and just as
delicious, my gorgeous guy!
There’s no place more peaceful than the embrace of your arms; there’s no music more beautiful than the sound of your voice. You are all I want, and everything about you is perfect. Happy birthday to you, my love! I wish you the very best, today, tomorrow and forever. I love you a lot, and then some!
My love for you burns brighter than all the candles on top of your cake today!

Happy birthday to you, my darling!
On your birthday this year, my sweetheart, I wanted to write you a heartfelt and romantic message filled with gratitude and love for all that you are and all that you do. 

Thank you for your endless and unconditional love. You are always there for me come rain or shine, and it fills me with such a warm feeling knowing I have someone as special as you that I can always depend on.

I hope you know that I will always be that person for you, too. 

Happy birthday and forever yours,
Your guy.
My love, you are somebody so special to me that you simply don’t have to wait until your birthday to receive your wishes from me. Happy birthday in advance, handsome!
A special birthday is coming up: the birthday of my love! 😍 I’m sending my best and most heartfelt wishes her way in preparation for her special day!
Happy birthday to my handsome man!
I hope all of your dreams come true today
on your special day! I love you so much!
Happy birthday to my someone special! You are my everything and the love of my life. I love you to the moon and back today, tomorrow, and always.

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