Birthday Wishes for Lover

Were found 219 happy birthday messages:

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how fortunate and blessed I am that we found each other!

I’ll always be grateful for you, my love!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you, my one and only.

We share a love that’s deep and pure, one
that only grows stronger each year, more
and more. I couldn’t in my wildest dreams
wish for a better significant other than you.
On your special day this year, the only thing you need to know is that you have my heart, now and always. You mean the world to me and more, you simply are the one I adore.

I’m wishing you the happiest birthday possible, my sweet boyfriend.
On this special day,
I wanted to give you
everything: the sun,
the moon, the earth,
but none are mine, so
I’ll give you all I have:
my heart, my
unconditional love,
my devotion.
Happy birthday, love!
Happy birthday to you today, my darling!

As your sweetheart, I intend to throw you the most romantic birthday possible this year! So, prepare yourself to be wined and dined, romanced, and treated to a lovely day full of delightful surprises!
Happy birthday, love!

As today is your special day, I wanted to tell you just how truly special you are to me!

I can’t think of a kinder, better, more wonderful person I’d rather share this journey through life with!
There’s no other love
So pure and true
Than that of what my
Heart holds for you.

Happy birthday, my love.
For a boyfriend so sweet
So thoughtful and kind
I have only the best 
Wishes for you in mind.

Happy birthday to you,
My love.
To the one who constantly touches
my heart and fills it with joy, I’m
wishing the happiest of days today.

Happy birthday, my love.
My one true love
The one I adore
We have a connection
I’ll cherish forevermore.

Happy birthday, my dear.
Happy birthday, my love! May your birthday be as beautiful and as special as the boy you are to me. You truly are a very unique and special boyfriend.
Happy birthday to a man who is simply perfect to me! May all your dreams come true today, my love.
Let me tell you
Once again
Vast is the love I feel for you
Endless even, some may say.

Happy birthday, my love!

Today’s a special day
It’s time to celebrate
Someone who makes
My life truly great.

I hope to give you all the joy
And happiness that I can
Because to me you are simply
Perfect and nothing less than.

Happy birthday, my love.
You’re the love of my life
Today and tomorrow
And you always will be
For each day to follow.

Happy birthday, love.