Birthday Wishes for Lover

Were found 94 happy birthday messages:

I close my eyes to take in the lingering scent of your perfume in the air, visualising you were still here close to me. I imagine what you would say and I reply with a smile. I never miss you, because you are always on my mind.

A birthday kiss and a happy day to you, my love!
On your birthday this year
I’m sending to you
All of my love so dear
And lots of kisses, too!

Happy birthday, darling!
I can’t fully express in words just how much I love you, but I hope a gorgeous birthday cake and lots of lovely gifts will speak volumes!

Happy birthday, darling!
Happy birthday to someone who was
incredibly hard to let go, but who I’m
still grateful to have in my life today!
Happy birthday, my love!

I am so thankful each day that I
found such a kind, caring, romantic
guy to share all of life’s most
wonderful experiences with.

You are one of a kind, and you don’t
even realise how special you are.
Never change, because you are
perfect to me.

Have a magnificent and memorable
birthday, my sweet handsome man!
Wishing a happy birthday to a dear friend and past girlfriend!

Things between us didn’t work out romantically, but that was probably for the best as you’ve since found someone even better than me, which I never thought would be possible!

Have a great birthday, and I hope that you are forever happy!
On this special day,
I wanted to give you
everything: the sun,
the moon, the earth,
but none are mine, so
I’ll give you all I have:
my heart, my
unconditional love,
my devotion.
Happy birthday, love!
You are my sunshine,
my joy, and the reason
I wake up with a smile
on my face each day.
You are my significant other,
you are what makes me whole.

You mean the world to me,
and my life without you
would just seem dull.

Happy birthday, I hope that
today fills you with the same
happiness you so lovingly
make me feel day after day.
Happy birthday to you today,
my sweetheart!

The more time that we spend
in each other's lives, the more
I realize how perfectly suited
for each other we are.

I’m eternally blessed that we
met and I’m so incredibly
thankful for you, my dear!
Even after all this time, you’re
still the one I’m crazy about!

I have absolutely no doubt in
my mind that you’re the one
I will adore forevermore!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the one
who warms my heart.

You inspire me every day
with your outlook on life and
amazing attitude. I’m a happier
and more optimistic person
because of you, my love.

May I always have you around
to brighten my days and make
them sweeter.
Like the frosting on your cake, you make my days sweeter and more enjoyable.

Happy birthday to you, my beautiful one.
To the one who constantly touches
my heart and fills it with joy, I’m
wishing the happiest of days today.

Happy birthday, my love.
To the love of my life, that happens to be the most amazing human being there is, I wish the loveliest of birthdays. Be happy, smile and always thrive, love!
My love for you is vast 
It runs so very deep
I think about you when I’m awake
I’m dreaming of you in my sleep.
To me, you’re as magnificent as
The greatest depths of the ocean
I was allured and enchanted by you
As if under a magic spell or love potion.

Happy birthday to you, my sweet love.