Birthday Wishes for Life Partner

62 happy birthday wishes found:

You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my days with, and there is nothing in this world I am more certain of.

Happy birthday, my love!
Happy birthday, love! Having you by my side makes me feel like anything is possible. You are my rock and the love I have for you is permanent, my dear!
Happy birthday, my one true love!

You are my rock and everything that is good in my life. I love you so very much!
On this day, many years ago, the love of my life was born. No one knew it then, but it was written in the stars that one day we would find each other in this world and never leave each other again.

It was a bolt from the blue when we met each other, someone up above made us cross paths and the story of our great love began. Everything changed. At that moment, we both knew we had found our better half and life would become better too.

So, my love, I want you to have the most amazing day anyone could have in this world! Happy birthday!
A mother and wife
The love of my life
You’re a gift from above
You’re my one true love!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
To the love of my life, the light of my heart, I’m wishing you the happiest birthday imaginable.

You deserve all the happiness in the world for the incredible person that you are, and I’m just so lucky that I get to spend each and every day with you beside me.

Enjoy your special day, my love, for you truly deserve it. 
You’re the love of my life
Today and tomorrow
And you always will be
For each day to follow.

Happy birthday, love.
Happy birthday to the love of my life! You put the spring in my step and the warmth in my heart. I’m forever grateful for having you around to brighten my days.
Love of my life,
today you celebrate
another year on this
planet and my heart
beats only with joy
for that reason.

Happy birthday,
my loving husband!
Happy birthday to you, my love, my life.
I’m hoping that your special day this
year is as truly beautiful as your soul is.
My love for you knows no bounds and the romantic wishes I have stored for you can’t wait any longer.

Happy birthday in advance with all my love.
Happy birthday to the love of my life,
the centre of my universe!

You are the greatest gift I have ever
received and I will continue to treasure
you with all my heart for all of the
years to come!
To my dear fiancé
Who’s so far away
I hope you still have
A truly spectacular day!

Happy birthday,
Love of my life!
When the stars aligned
Our paths crossed
That was the day I met
The love of my life.

I’ll always be 
So very grateful
That the universe 
Brought us together.

Happy birthday to you,
My moon, my stars.

We took a vow to be there for one 
another no matter what, and to love 
each other unconditionally. I can say 
with certainty that not a day has gone 
past where I haven’t felt that. You are 
my rock and the love of my life. 

Happy heartfelt birthday to you, 
with all my love.

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