Birthday Instagram Captions

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Happy 1st birthday, little one.

May your very first birthday
Fill you with giggles and smiles
May it warm your tiny heart
For the true blessing you are.
A truly wonderful priest
I’m eager to wish you a happy birthday
Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is funny, charming, beautiful and unique!

It’s these qualities of yours that makes you such a wonderful person, my dear!
Lots of 1st birthday love from mom
May your 21st hold the key to your future, daughter
Sending my most heartfelt birthday wishes to someone so truly integral to my life.

I hope you have a lovely day full of celebrations today, my dear!
Birthday wishes for a special little girl
Happy birthday from the whole team here
Happy birthday from mom’s favorite,
brother! Don’t let that get you down
on your special day though, bro.
I’m sure you’re a very close second!
Happy birthday, brother!

I imagine that looking at me right
now must be like looking into a much
younger and better looking mirror!
Heart-touching wishes for a husband far away
A special and beautiful lady inside and out
An individual as remarkable as you should be praised every day for all that you do, but especially on your special day!

Congratulations and a very happy birthday to you!
A beautiful little princess turns 7 today
A fab birthday for a super special girl
Happy 16th to the birthday boy who puts the sweet in sweet 16! May this very special birthday of yours bring you joy, happiness, and good luck for the future!
Don’t worry about getting older, brother.
You’ll always have me as a constant
reminder of what it’s like to look young!

Happy birthday, bro!

A beautiful baby boy came into the
world exactly one year ago today!

Happy 1st birthday, adorable one!
There’s a reason why brother and bother are almost spelt the same… Because in reality there’s very little difference between them!

Happy birthday, bro!
Today, I’m sending my very best and most heartfelt wishes to a very cute baby. After all, your 1st birthday is the most special one of all, little one.
Happy 1st birthday, little one.

You truly are the sweetest gift
and greatest blessing from above.
Happy birthday to someone who is
as spectacular as they are unique!

You are far more special than you
think you are, my dear!
I’m hoping that your birthday this year is even more special than you are to me!

Happy birthday to you, my dear!
I’m sending only the very 
Best wishes your way,
As it’s a special occasion 
Turning 16 today!

Happy birthday to you!