Inspirational Birthday Quotes

101 happy birthday wishes found:

My birthday wishes for you this year
Are extra special, heartfelt, and sincere
As to me, you are simply somebody 
Who is so very extraordinary and dear.

Happy birthday to you from
The very bottom of my heart.

May your special day warm
Your soul in the same way that 
You’ve always warmed mine.
The most important person in my life
is celebrating their birthday today, and
I just want to show my love for them
with a special birthday message!

Happy birthday to you today, my
sweetheart! I’m sending all my love
your way!
Many congratulations to you today, my dear! I am hoping that this birthday of yours is extra special, exceeding all of those before!

I’m sending all of my love and my very best wishes to you on this joyous occasion!
Husband, this year for your birthday
My wishes truly come from the heart
As you are someone so very special 
From whom I couldn’t ever be apart.

May your birthday be as great
As your presence is in my life
And may you be as happy
As I am to be your wife.

Happy birthday, my love.
The time has come around once again to celebrate another year of your life! I hope your special day this year is phenomenal, my dear!
Happy birthday to you today! I’m certain that you’ll have a great day, and I’m hopeful that you’ll have an even better year to come!
Today’s your birthday and it’s
a big one, my friend!

I hope this special birthday of
yours brings lots of love and
happiness into your life, and
that it’s the first of many great
days to come this year!

Happy birthday to you!
I want to extend my very best wishes to you on your special day!

Don’t fret about getting older, my dear, as all the years up until now have added up to create the masterpiece you have become today! Plus, as the years ahead approach you will only become more refined, too! 

A very big happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday! Always remember to live each day as if it were your last, and never replace or deny yourself of the happiness that you deserve!
You are making a bigger mark on this world than you realise, my dear!

I wish you many more years of doing what you do so wonderfully, continuing to bless everyone with your remarkable ways and genuine kindness!

A very happy birthday to you today!
May your candles burn brightly today and your wishes always lead you to happiness!

Think long and hard about what to wish for today, my dear! Happy birthday!
Someone like you deserves the gold standard of birthday wishes, and that’s exactly what I’m sending to you this year! Happy birthday!

You're such a special person in my life and a dear friend to me. I'm very lucky to have you around.
You have the ability to achieve anything that your heart desires, my friend!

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead!
Happy birthday to my close friend and someone I think very highly of indeed!

I’m sending you the loveliest birthday wishes today in hope that your special day this year is a truly spectacular one and just that little bit more memorable than usual!
Happy birthday!

You have already achieved so much at
such a young age and I cannot wait to
see what incredible opportunities and
experiences come your way in the future! 

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