Birthday Girl Quotes

34 happy birthday wishes found:

A girl as sweet and lovely as you deserves a birthday filled with happiness and a life full of wonder.

You have the world at your feet, my dear!
My dear girl, today you turn another year older so we must celebrate the fabulous woman you’re becoming! A very happy birthday to you!
Today my little princess turns another
year older! May you have a cute and
happy birthday this year, my sweet girl!
The world is a much more beautiful place for having you in it, sweet girl!

I'm wishing you a joy-filled birthday today!
Aim for the sky and shoot for the stars, my dear. No dream of yours is ever too big!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, my dear.

May you continue to grow up to be
the strong, beautiful woman you are
already becoming. There’s no limit
to what you can achieve.
Happy birthday to the beautiful birthday girl! May your special day this year be one of love, happiness, laughter, and delight!
Listen to your heart and stick to what
you believe in. Your beautiful soul will
always guide you right, my sweetheart.

Happy birthday to you!
The future looks bright for you, my dear, with so many exciting adventures yet to come! I wish you the very best for everything that awaits you!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

May this special day mark the start of the most fabulous year of your life to date!
You spread so much joy to all those
around you that today is your turn
to feel some of that joy too!

May you have the most delightful
birthday today!
Today’s your special day and I want to remind you of the fantastic girl that you are! You have so much to look forward to ahead of you!

Happy birthday!
Massive congratulations are in order for the birthday girl today! May this new chapter of your life bring but pure happiness and joy to you!
Congratulations and happy birthday to you, my dear! May you continue to always be the happy and beautiful girl that you are!
Don’t simply count your life by the year, measure it by all of those you hold dear!

Happy birthday to you!

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