Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

84 happy birthday wishes found:

It doesn’t matter how many miles
there are between us because if
you’re not right by my side then you
are already too far away, my dear.

Happy birthday, my love. I can’t
wait to be held in your arms as
you belong here beside me.
I love you here,
I love you there,
it’s true I love you

Happy birthday,
my handsome man!
We might be having to celebrate apart and somewhat different to usual this year but know that in my heart, you’re still just as dear. Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday,
my gorgeous guy!

Even with you being
so far away, just hearing
your voice makes it feel
like you’re close.

I love you!
Happy birthday, my love. I’m sending my most heartfelt long distance birthday wishes your way today.

Remember that no matter where you are, my heart will always be with you.
We’re not fortunate enough to spend your birthday together this year, but you’re the man of my dreams and worth the wait to celebrate with.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, my love.

At any given time, no matter where in the world you are, you’re always the most important and meaningful person to me.

I hope you have a special birthday today, even if I can’t be with you to celebrate.
It seems as though the farther away
from me that you are, the greater the
love I have for you in my heart grows.
You are the most meaningful person
to me on the planet, no matter
whereabouts on it you may be.

I’m sending the most special, happiest
birthday wishes to you today, my love.
You could be on the other side of the world and still, I wouldn’t feel disconnected from you. You’ll always be right here in my heart. Happy birthday, my love.
To have my love so far away from me is
no easy feat but your gentle, warm, and
loving nature make all of this possible.

Near or far, you’re always there to support
me and get us through the more difficult
times. Happy birthday, my rock.
As I won’t be able to be with you on your special day this year, I’m sending you all my love and heartfelt birthday wishes in advance, my dear.

I hope you have the most spectacular day, and we’ll celebrate together when we’re next reunited.
Even worlds apart
You’re always in my heart
With me, you are here
Whether far or near

Happy birthday my love!
With all my love, always!
If I reach out my arms and can’t feel you, then you’re already too far away from me, my love.

I’m wishing you a happy birthday from afar this year, my dear, and hoping that your special day is still a wonderful one, even without me there with you.
Wherever you might be
It could be close or far
My heart will find its way to you,
It’ll always know where you are.

Happy birthday, my boyfriend.
My dear boyfriend, I know it’s unlikely
but I’m hoping you’ll walk through the
door any minute now and surprise me!

Happy birthday to you from across
the globe!