Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Were found 44 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday
to my dear man!

My love and my flame,
of whom I’ve always
felt the same,
whether near or far,
it'll never matter
where you are!
A love like ours so strong and meaningful cannot be weakened by any amount of distance between us.

I’m sending you all my love today, my gorgeous guy. Happy birthday.
I love you here,
I love you there,
it’s true I love you

Happy birthday,
my handsome man!
If I were there with you in person today I
could be more romantic, but know that
you’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.

I’m sending you all my prayers and wishes
on your special day today. Happy birthday
from your ever-loving girlfriend.
Happy birthday to my man!

Although you are not here beside me
in person for your special day, you are
in my dreams and in my heart.

This time and distance apart that we
must endure is just a test on our love,
one of which is but a cinch given how
strong our love is.

It will only make us cherish our time
together even more than we already do.
You are my world, and wherever you
may be in it, you’ll always be the most
important person in my life.
Have a marvellous birthday, my dear.
You deserve it!
Happy birthday, my love. I can’t begin to tell you how much I wish I could spend your birthday with you today and be held tightly in your arms.
I may not be there to celebrate your birthday in person, but I can guarantee I'll be there in spirit. Happy birthday, my love.
To have my love so far away from me is
no easy feat but your gentle, warm, and
loving nature make all of this possible.

Near or far, you’re always there to support
me and get us through the more difficult
times. Happy birthday, my rock.
My sweet man,

It's difficult to put into words just how much I miss you. I think about you all day, and count down the moments in my head until I can finally wrap my arms around you and hold you tight! Oh, how my heart fills up when I receive a message from you, and if only you could see the smile on my face when we speak on the phone.

People always say that distance in a relationship makes you realise exactly how much you appreciate each other and makes you stronger as a couple, but until you live it you don’t realise just how true that is.

You are my whole world, my everything, and I hold you dearly in my heart each day until we are together again.

With all my love.
Wishing a very happy
birthday to the man I
miss the most: my
one true love.

I hope these kisses
reach you quickly!
If I had but one wish, it would be that
on your birthday this year, you were
here holding me in your arms.

But I know that it is your birthday so
you make the wishes, and I am sure
you’ll be thinking of me when you’re
blowing out your candles.

Happy birthday, my love. I am counting
down the days until we are reunited.
My love for you stretches even further than the many miles between us!

Happy birthday, my darling!
I close my eyes to take in the lingering scent of your perfume in the air, visualising you were still here close to me. I imagine what you would say and I reply with a smile. I never miss you, because you are always on my mind.

A birthday kiss and a happy day to you, my love!
Even worlds apart
You’re always in my heart
With me, you are here
Whether far or near

Happy birthday my love!
With all my love, always!
Happy birthday, my dear.

We are apart,
but only in person
for you’re always in
my heart wherever I go.

I can’t wait until this
distance is a thing of
the past, and we can
finally start to plan
our future together.

But until then I’ll be
patient, because I know
that it’ll be worth it when
we see each other again.

With all my love
on your special day!