Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

84 happy birthday wishes found:

You are my sun and my sky
My moon and my stars
You are my whole entire world.

However far apart we may find
Ourselves, I always find comfort 
Knowing that I only need to look 
Up into the skies above to see you.

Happy birthday, my love.
You're always close to my heart, my love
My sweet man,

It's difficult to put into words just how much I miss you. I think about you all day, and count down the moments in my head until I can finally wrap my arms around you and hold you tight! Oh, how my heart fills up when I receive a message from you, and if only you could see the smile on my face when we speak on the phone.

People always say that distance in a relationship makes you realise exactly how much you appreciate each other and makes you stronger as a couple, but until you live it you don’t realise just how true that is.

You are my whole world, my everything, and I hold you dearly in my heart each day until we are together again.

With all my love.
Wishing a very happy
birthday to the man I
miss the most: my
one true love.

I hope these kisses
reach you quickly!
I wish time travel already existed so that I could teleport myself into your arms today, my sweet man. Until then, I’m wishing you a happy birthday from here.
Out of all the gifts that you’ve been
eagerly anticipating receiving today,
the one you’ve been waiting for the
most is still yet to come. Sometimes,
the best things are worth waiting for.

Happy birthday, my handsome one.
Happy birthday, my darling!

I wish I could be with you in person to celebrate your special day, but we will just have to make up for it with extra special celebrations when we’re next together!

I’m always being asked if it’s difficult being apart from each other for so long at a time, and I tell them that it is of course.

But I don’t regret a thing. I would rather have you far away than not at all. I’m really lucky to have you in my life.

Enjoy your day my sweet, beautiful boyfriend! Love you!
Happy birthday, my dear.

We are apart,
but only in person
for you’re always in
my heart wherever I go.

I can’t wait until this
distance is a thing of
the past, and we can
finally start to plan
our future together.

But until then I’ll be
patient, because I know
that it’ll be worth it when
we see each other again.

With all my love
on your special day!
Happy birthday to my man!

Although you are not here beside me
in person for your special day, you are
in my dreams and in my heart.

This time and distance apart that we
must endure is just a test on our love,
one of which is but a cinch given how
strong our love is.

It will only make us cherish our time
together even more than we already do.
You are my world, and wherever you
may be in it, you’ll always be the most
important person in my life.
Have a marvellous birthday, my dear.
You deserve it!
My handsome man,

I am sending you all of my love and kisses on your special day. I wish I could be there with you to celebrate, but I am counting down the days until I can see you again. I miss you immensely, but I know that you are worth the wait.

Happy birthday, my love!
You are special to me in every way imaginable, and simply not having you here by my side makes it feel like there’s a part of me missing.

I can’t wait to be held in your big arms once again. Happy birthday, my love.
Whether it’s here by my side
Or wherever else you may be
I just want you to know you’re
The most meaningful to me.

I love you now and forever, my 
Sweet and special guy. Have a
Happy birthday today.
While you’re too far away for me
to celebrate with you today, that
doesn’t stop me from sending lots
of sweet kisses and beautiful
birthday wishes your way.

You’re an incredible boyfriend,
near or far, and I hope you enjoy
your special day today.
You’re so close yet so far away, my love,
as there are forces currently preventing
us from being together in person and
keeping us from celebrating your
birthday as usual this year.

May this only be temporary and hopefully,
there's going to be better times ahead.
Happy birthday to you from afar, my dear.
Happy birthday, my love.

With or without you here beside me, you make my life infinitely better. Simply hearing your voice puts the biggest smile on my face.
My sweet man, I want to wish you
the very best birthday today!

I know how difficult being apart has
been, and I just want to thank you
for being so supportive and making
so much effort to make this work!

I never feel like I am out of sight
and out of mind, you are so considerate
and you're always there when I need you.

You are my rock! Love you always!