Birthday Blessings

185 happy birthday wishes found:

To the man who always gave us everything without ever asking for anything in return, I want to wish the greatest of days.

May God be with you during every minute of each day that you walk this earth.

Have the happiest birthday!
I’m praying that you have a blessed birthday this year, my friend. You are a wonderful person with a truly kind heart, and you deserve all the good in life that comes your way.
May God grant you many blessings on your special day this year, daughter. You are my eternal joy.

Happy birthday with love from mom.
I thank God each and every day for blessing me with a daughter like you. You fill me with immense pride in everything that you do and I couldn’t be more thankful for you!

Happy birthday, my beautiful girl. I’m wishing you many years of happiness ahead!
Wishing you a blessed birthday, my dear. May the Lord’s light guide you in all your endeavours throughout this glorious year ahead.
Happy birthday, grandma! It doesn’t matter if you are 60, 80, or 100; you look as beautiful as ever.

I'm so proud to have such an amazing person like you in my life. A grandmother like you is surely sent from heaven by God to teach about how valuable life is.

I’m blessed to have a grandma like you. Your mere presence is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for all the lovely years, all the amazing stories, all the valuable lessons, and all the great memories. I wish for many more years in your company, grandma.
Happy birthday, dear nana!

I might not be with you as much as I would like to be, but I am always thinking about you. You are always with me, either on my mind or in my heart. So I never really feel lonely.

I pray that you always have the strength and courage to face life with a smile regardless of the situation you find yourself in. In my mind, you are always smiling.

May God bless every day of your life and bring you joy and strength! May your special day be the best that you've had all year and may life continue to smile on you!
On my birthday this year, I am praying
that God blesses me and my loved
ones with a year ahead that is full
of happiness and good health.
I’m praying to God for all of your hopes and desires to come true today on your special day, my dear.

For everything you do for everyone else, it is the least that you deserve.

Wishing you a pleasant birthday!
To a truly wonderful priest on your
special day today, I am sending you
the warmest wishes of love, hope,
and goodness, just like the messages
you deliver in your sermons.

You have enlightened me and blessed
my life with your wise words, and I’m
wishing you many more years of
spreading your wisdom and providing
enlightenment to others.

God bless you, father.
Many happy returns. May God’s voice
speak to you and may his care comfort
you through each and every day of this
new year in your life.
Your kindness and understanding have
helped me to no end on my spiritual
journey and has enabled me to reach
my fullest potential.

May you have a blessed birthday today.
Congrats on your bundle of joy
With bright eyes and tiny toes
How can someone be so adorable
Honestly, God only knows!
Happy birthday to you today, pastor!

On your special day this year, I just wanted to recognize what an extraordinary influence you’ve had on me and, indeed, many others.

You guide us towards good and save us from being strayed into temptation. You truly are a blessing from above, delivering and spreading the word of God.

Bless you, father!
Happy birthday to you, father.

You continue to lead your flock towards righteousness and remain a true inspiration to us all. God bless you.