Birthday Wishes for 7th-year-olds

108 happy birthday wishes found:

The sweetest little girl is growing up so fast as today she celebrates her seventh birthday already!

I hope that your year of being 7 doesn’t go by too quickly and is as magical and wonderful as can be!

Happy birthday to you, sweetie!
My kid is turning 7-years-old today! It seems like only yesterday that he was still in diapers!
The birthday boy today is turning 7-years-old!

May your seventh birthday be totally awesome and the best one yet, kid!
My dear grandson, today marks 7 whole
years that you’ve been blessing this world
for and I must tell you, the past 7 years of
your life have been the happiest and most
fulfilling of mine.

Thank you for being such a remarkable
boy! Happy birthday!
You’re growing up so quickly as today
you’re already turning seven! Oh, how
time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy birthday to you! I’m wishing
you all the happiness possible as
you continue on your adventures of
exploring this vast world, little lady!
Someone very special is turning 7-years-old today: you! Wishing you a magical birthday this year, sweetie!
Here are seven cheers for the birthday boy!

May your special day be full of cake, fun, and games! Happy birthday to you!
You are a truly special little boy and if there are only seven wonders in the world you must be one of them, my dear! Happy birthday to you!
My sweet child turns 7-years-old today!

I can’t believe how grown up you’re becoming! Enjoy your special day, my dear!
Happy birthday!

As you turn seven today
I want to remind you to
always dream big, kid.

You can achieve anything
that your heart desires!
A ladybird has 7 beautiful spots,
just as you have 7 beautiful years!
Now, spread your wings and fly,
my darling niece!

Happy birthday!
7 is such a magical number, my dear, and you get a whole year to experience it!

I’m wishing you only the very best experiences and happiest moments ahead, my lovely 7-year-old!

Lots of love and big hugs to you!
7 is said to be a lucky number and I can
confirm that as I certainly am very lucky to
have a beautiful little girl like you in my life!

I’m wishing you many years of happiness
ahead, sweet girl!
Today, I am sending cute birthday wishes to a little girl who has the kindest soul and the sweetest smile! You are truly beautiful inside and out, my dear!
Today is the birthday of a very special birthday princess! 7 whole years full of love and beauty, you brighten each and every day with your cuteness, my dear.

May all of your dreams come true for you today as you turn 7 years old, my sweetheart.

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