Happy 10th Birthday

Were found 36 happy birthday messages:

Sending 10 special wishes to you today on your 10th birthday, my dear!

All I ask is that you use each one wisely and make sure that they will make you happy and keep on giving for all the years to come!

Happy birthday, my sweet 10-year-old! 
Happy 10th birthday to you, my darling daughter! Seeing how beautifully you’ve grown up over this past decade fills me with so much pride and joy.

You truly are a very special girl, and I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll continue to warm my heart with love and make me even prouder over the years to come too!
Happy 10th birthday, son!

Year after year you never fail to make me more and more proud of you!
Today is the 10th birthday of a super cool superhero! Happy birthday to you, kid!

May your birthday grant you even more superpowers that make you that little bit more amazing than you already are, if that’s even possible!
Congratulations on turning
10 today, my dear!

Watching you grow up so
wonderfully has been such
a joy to witness.

I’m hoping that you’re
rewarded with lots of cake
and ice-cream on your
special day today!

All my love to you on your
10th birthday!
Happy 10th birthday to the birthday boy!

This is without a doubt the most special
birthday of your young life to date, as
today you enter double-digits!

You’re really starting to grow up now,
little man, and everyone’s so very
proud of you!
Happy 10th birthday to a
totally awesome kid!

Today is a big turning point in
your life where you’re really
becoming a grown-up kid!

I hope you enjoy all the new
and exciting challenges and
adventures that await you,
my dear!
You are well and truly in the midst of your between years! Happy 10th birthday to the coolest tween I know!
Happy 10th birthday and welcome to the double-digit club!

Now and for many, many years to come, you are a member of the double-digit club, my dear!

Wishing you lots of happiness on your special day and the best first year as the newest member of the club!
Happy 10th birthday! You’re really growing up now, my dear! 

I hope you enjoy your first two-digit birthday - the first of many more to come!
Wishing you a very happy 10th birthday today and sending you big congratulations on completing one whole decade - the first of many ahead!

I hope you enjoy this very special birthday today, the celebration of your life over the past 10 years! 
Today I am wishing you a tenth birthday that’s as awesome as you are!

It isn’t a secret that turning 10 is a really big deal and it is such a special moment for you! I am hoping that you enjoy it to the max and make the most of your big birthday celebrations!

Happy 10th birthday to you today!
Happy 10th birthday!

Watching you grow up over the past 10 years has truly been a pleasure!

You’re turning into a really outstanding person, my dear! 
Happy 10th birthday, my dear!

You have officially entered double digits - how exciting!

You’re getting so grown up now and I for one couldn’t be any prouder of you!

I hope you enjoy a fabulous party and have a blast turning 10-years-old today!
Happy 10th birthday!

Before long you won’t be able to blow out all of your candles in one go!