Happy 10th Birthday

36 happy birthday wishes found:

Today you turn 10, birthday boy!

So, for the most wonderful little man around I’m wishing you an awesome day packed full of fun!
Sending the warmest wishes to the most incredible youngster to turn 10! You are a shining example of the perfect 10-year-old!
I’m wishing a very happy birthday to the world’s cutest 10-year-old today!

I don’t want to accept the fact that you’re growing up, my dear, but before long I’ll simply have no choice but to face the fact that you are!

I hope you enjoy this special birthday of yours and I hope you continue to grow up as fantastically as you are!
Happy birthday to someone who has just entered the big leagues!

Ten today and you’re well on your way to becoming a grown-up!
Happy birthday to the newest and coolest 10-year-old! May this special birthday of yours be filled with endless ice-cream and cake!
Happy birthday to the newest 10-year-old on the block!

I hope that this very special birthday of yours brings you much happiness and that this new chapter in your life is filled with incredible moments and the absolute best experiences imaginable!

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