Happy 10th Birthday | Unique Wishes for 10-Year-Olds

Happy 10th birthday, my dear!

10 is a nice round number and a very exciting age to be!

I wish you an immense amount of happiness and for you to be surrounded by nothing but lots of love on this very special birthday of yours!
You’re now officially part of the very special double-digits club! Congratulations and a very warm welcome to you, kiddo!

May you have a truly spectacular 10th birthday today!
Happy 10th birthday!

Watching you grow up over the past 10 years has truly been a pleasure!

You’re turning into a really outstanding person, my dear! 
Happy 10th birthday!

Before long you won’t be able to blow out all of your candles in one go!
If reaching 100 is the ultimate goal in life
you’re a tenth of the way there, my dear!

In the meantime, I’m wishing you all the
success in the world with all of your other
goals and aspirations!

Happy 10th birthday to you!
Wishing you the biggest celebration on your 10th birthday today!

I hope you receive lots of lovely gifts and enjoy blowing out the 10 bright candles on your enormous cake this year!

Sending you lots of love and best wishes!
A seriously cool dude turns 10 today!

I’m wishing you an awesome 10th birthday and sending my congratulations on completing your first decade, my man!
Today I am wishing a very happy 10th birthday to you!

Being 10 is definitely a special age for any kid and it tops any other age you’ve been before! You’ve completed all of your single-digit birthdays and now you’re well on your way to becoming a remarkable adolescent!

I’m wishing you only the best for the years ahead, my dear!
My beautiful daughter
It’s a very special day
You’re finally double digits
As today you turn ten.
I wish you happiness always,
Time and time again.

Happy birthday, my dear.
Happy first double-digit birthday! I hope this special day of yours also brings you double the amount of gifts, cake, and fun!
Today isn’t just any ordinary day,
it’s a super special day as someone
incredible turns ten on this very day!

Happy birthday to you!

I’m wishing you all the happiness in
the world on your birthday and hoping
that everything goes your way!
Happy birthday to you! Look at you all grown up! You turn ten today and what a fine young person you are becoming!

You are getting more mature by the day and you are so sensible, anybody would think that you’re older than you are!

I hope you have an incredible day and enjoy your tenth birthday to the max!
You’re ten today! Happy birthday!

Wishing you a year filled with joy and a lifetime of happiness, my dear!
Happy birthday to the newest 10-year-old on the block!

I hope that this very special birthday of yours brings you much happiness and that this new chapter in your life is filled with incredible moments and the absolute best experiences imaginable!
Today you turn ten and it’s the start of a whole new chapter for you!

You certainly have some very exciting years ahead of you and I hope you enjoy them all to the fullest!

Enjoy your special day, sweetie!

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