Birthday Wishes for 7th-year-olds

108 happy birthday wishes found:

Turning seven is a truly special occasion and I hope you enjoy it to the max! You're such a bright and bubbly boy with the most infectious and adorable personality!

Wishing you an awesome 7th birthday, little dude!
Today marks 7 joy-filled years that you’ve been spreading so much love and happiness, little one!

May your 7th birthday warm your heart like you’ve warmed mine, and be as sweet and special as the adorable girl that you are!
With each passing year, you gain one extra wish for your special day. You have been granted seven wishes for your seventh birthday today so make each one count, sweet boy!

I’m wishing you a very happy 7th birthday!
If life was a videogame you’d be entering level 7 today! Congratulations and happy birthday to you on your 7th birthday today!
Today is far from just another ordinary
day, today marks that you’re another
year older and more grown-up, my dear!
Happy 7th birthday!

I’m wishing for all of your hopes and
dreams to come true on your special
day today!
Wishing you a very happy 7th birthday today, my dear!

There’s something really special about turning 7 and I hope that this special day of yours brings you an abundance of joy and an infinite amount of love for the whole year ahead! 
Happy birthday to the greatest, most gorgeous little girl in the world!

I’m wishing you all the joy, laughter, and happiness possible today as you celebrate your 7th birthday with a big party and an even bigger cake!
My dearly beloved son, 
My angel sent from heaven
This is a very special day
As today you turn seven!

I’m wishing you a life
Filled with wonder and joy,
Fun, great adventures
And more, my dear boy!

Happy 7th birthday!
Today, I’m sending some truly special birthday greetings to one extraordinarily unique birthday girl!

Happy birthday to you on your 7th birthday today, and I hope that you are blessed with all the happiness in the world just as you deserve it to be!
A very sweet and special little girl is
becoming even sweeter and more special
today as she’s turning 7-years-old!

Happy 7th birthday, princess!

I always wish the very best for you each
and every day, but I’m wishing you just
that little bit extra for today!
On your 7th birthday this year, you 
deserve a cake that’s huge, my dear!

Wishing you a sweet and delicious 
birthday today, gorgeous girl!
Birthdays delight but once a year,
but you are a constant delight
each and every day, my dear!

I’m wishing you the most fabulous
7th birthday party today!
Happy 7th birthday, sweetie!

Another year watching you grow up and get older, grow taller, and become even sweeter than ever before is a true blessing, my little princess! Your happiness truly is my greatest joy in life. 
Happy seventh birthday, my dear!

Being 7 is so awesome! It’s such a cool age! I hope you enjoy this very special year and have the greatest experiences possible!

Sending you lots of love and all my best wishes on your 7th birthday!
Wishing a spectacular day to the birthday princess on her 7th birthday today!

Sending lots of love and sparkles your way, my dear!