25th Birthday Wishes

69 happy birthday wishes found:

Wishing you an unlimited amount of happiness on your very special 25th birthday today, my dear!

You have such a kind soul and you deserve all the joy and love possible in life!

Many congratulations and a very happy birthday to you!
Today marks 25 years of your life
Wishing you happiness as you turn 25
Happy 25th birthday to the perfect son!

Your first quarter of a century has been
an absolute delight! I hope the next is
just as wonderful!

Best wishes from mom!
Here’s to another wonderful 25 years
A very special and important milestone
From two proud parents
To one wonderful son
We are wishing you
The whole entire world
As you celebrate your
25th birthday today
And embark on this next
Chapter of your life!

Happy birthday to you today,
Our dear boy!
A super special son deserves an
equally special 25th birthday!

May your celebrations today be
wonderful, commemorating the
first incredible quarter of a century
that you’ve been on this earth for!

Wishing you a very happy and
memorable birthday today, son!
Happy birthday to you! Let’s welcome your 25th birthday with a bang!

Many congratulations and I hope your 25th year is a great one!
Many congratulations and many happy returns on your 25th birthday!

I hope that a lot of happiness awaits you in the years to come and that you are presented with the most incredible opportunities!

Enjoy this special birthday and all the very best to you, my friend!
It’s genuinely a pleasure to know you and I am totally psyched to celebrate your very special 25th birthday with you!

Happy birthday for today, my friend!
Wishing you a genuinely lovely 25th birthday today, my dear! I hope you have a super year ahead and that great opportunities come your way!
Today, my friend, I want to wish you the happiest and most enjoyable birthday ever! I hope your 25th birthday celebrations are absolutely phenomenal!
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays as you turn 25-years-old today! I hope that the best things in life come your way throughout this very special year!
Happy 25th, my boy!

On this very special birthday of yours, I just want you to know that I think you’ve grown up to be a wonderfully kind and caring man, one of whom I am so incredibly proud to call my son!
Happy 25th, son!

Watching you grow into the wonderful man that you are today has been the single most heart touching experience of my life.

I’m confident that you’ll only continue to get more magnificent with age, too!
My boy is all grown up as today he
is celebrating his 25th birthday!

No matter how old you get though,
son, I will always see you as the
little man I raised!

Happy birthday and lots of love
from mom!
Today is a proud moment for you and me both, son, as you reach this significant milestone in your life.

Here’s to the next 25 years being as amazing as the last 25 have been!

Happy 25th birthday to you, my boy!
To my wonderful son on your 25th birthday, know that not a single day has passed where I haven’t been grateful for the blessing that you are. Happy birthday!

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