Happy 15th Birthday

53 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy 15th birthday, cousin!

May this special birthday of yours see
to it that all of your dreams come true.
After all, that’s the least someone
as wonderful as you deserves!
Happy sweet 15th, beautiful girl
You're 15 today and almost a man
Happy 15th birthday to me! That’s right, today I turn the fabulous age of fifteen! Don’t be shy to wish me a happy birthday!
Someone spectacular is turning 15
15 wishes for you today
Happy 15th birthday, niece! It truly warms my heart to see what a wonderful woman you are becoming. You certainly seem to take after your aunt!
Today, you turn the fab age of 15
Many congratulations to the birthday boy
I hope you have a blast on your 15th birthday today, my dear! Don’t waste a single moment of this awesome teenage year in your life!
To the birthday girl on your special 15th birthday, I’m hoping you receive lots of wonderful gifts and exciting surprises!

Enjoy your day, my dear!
Fifteen and fabulous
It’s time to celebrate your 15th birthday
Happy 15th birthday to my glamorous girl!

I’m sending you beautiful wishes filled with love, daughter, from mom.
May your 15th birthday be your best one yet
15 wishes for a fabulous 15-year-old
Happy 15th birthday to you, lad!

I hope that this special birthday
brings an immense amount of
happiness into your life!
Son, I couldn’t be prouder of you and all of your achievements as you turn 15 today.

You’re growing up to be a truly marvellous man. Happy 15th birthday.
Happy 15th birthday to the birthday boy!

May your special day be as sweet as your
cake, as fun as you are, and as incredible
as the little man you’re becoming!
I hope that your 15th birthday brings you the very best experiences life has to offer filled with nothing but love, joy and happiness! A very happy birthday to you!
Happy 15th birthday from your extremely cool aunt and uncle! You can always count on us to bring the fun to any party!

Sending all our love to you on your special day today and wishing you a fab 15th!
Grandson, I couldn’t be prouder of you as you turn 15 years old today. You are growing up to be a truly wonderful man.
There is something very special and unique about your fifteenth birthday!

Just remember that you only get one fifteenth so make the most of it and enjoy your special day with those you love most!

Happy birthday and I’m wishing you the best, my dear!
Happy 15th birthday to you!

What a fabulous age to be; you’re really coming into your own, I must say!

Wishing you the best on your special day!
Happy 15th birthday, my boy!

You have reached a new level of
maturity and I am so proud of how
you are turning out!

May the years that follow bring you
joy, love and great accomplishments,
just as you deserve!