Happy 14th Birthday

32 happy birthday wishes found:

Welcoming your 14th birthday means only one thing: congratulations on officially completing your first year as a teen!

May the remainder of your teenage years be just as amazing as your first year has been!
I’m wishing you the most incredible 14th
birthday today and sending you all of my
birthday love this year, my friend!
Happy 14th birthday to my dear grandson.

You truly are a gift sent from heaven, sweet boy. You are my godsend.
Happy 14th birthday! You’re no longer a new teen, now you’re simply a cool teen!
Congratulations, birthday girl!

My message to you this year on your 14th
birthday is for you to just enjoy your special
day and have a blast! Your teenage years
will fly by, so enjoy them while you can!
My message to you
On your 14th birthday
Is that you enjoy your teens
As the years they get away!

Best wishes to you, birthday girl!
The birthday boy turns 14 today! Happy birthday! May you enjoy as much cake as you can manage!
Congratulations on completing 14 wonderful trips around the sun! May each year of your life be better than the last!
As you turn fourteen, I’m hoping
that everything good comes your
way and that your birthday is full
of many incredible moments to
help you celebrate your day in
the best way possible.

Best wishes to you on this
special birthday of yours.
Congratulations on becoming 14!

Now that being a teenager is nothing new
to you, I’m hoping that you effortlessly sail
through the rest of your teenage years,
making many wonderful memories along
the way.

I hope you enjoy your special day.
Happy birthday to my new favorite 14-year-old! May your second year of being a teenager be even better than the first!
Happy birthday to the newest 14-year-old!

Today we celebrate 14 years of you being awesome! Congratulations to you!

I hope your special day is a truly wonderful one and makes all of your dreams come true!
Happy birthday, my amazing son!

Of course, I want you to enjoy your
special day today, but now that you’re
14 and so grown up perhaps it’s time
we talked about increasing your chores!
You are almost an adult now, after all!

Besides, what better gift is there than
increased responsibility!
Congratulations and a very big happy birthday to you.

I’m sending you 14 wonderful wishes on your birthday today, each as special and meaningful as the last. May you choose wisely and use them for something truly special that’s close to your heart.
Turning 14 is a really big deal! So you’re not 13 anymore… that just means you’re an established teen with a whole year of experience now!

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