Happy 14th Birthday

32 happy birthday wishes found:

It’s your special day, bestie! Happy 14th birthday to you!

Friends like you don’t come around too often, which is why it’s so important to hold on to those more meaningful friendships like the one we’re lucky enough to share.
Happy 14th birthday, my sweet daughter.

As your mother, it brings so much joy to
my heart to watch you grow another
year older as wonderfully as you have.

May you always shine brightly and
keep blossoming into the beautiful
girl that you are.
Happy birthday, my friend! As your 14th birthday arrives, I want to wish you lots of happiness and joy. You deserve a truly awesome day!
Happy 14th birthday, birthday girl!

I’m sending you all the very best and most beautiful birthday wishes on your special day today! May this year see you achieve everything that your heart desires and above all, may you always be happy!
Happy 14th birthday to me today! It feels great to be turning another year older, especially as I’m no longer the newest teenager around!
Happy 14th birthday
To the birthday boy!

May your fourteenth year be full
Of happiness and so much joy!
Fourteen today and what more can I say, other than wish you the most incredible birthday! Happy 14th to you, my friend!
Happy 14th birthday to my son!

I can’t believe I’m the mom
Of such a sweet 14-year-old boy!
I’m sending you the best birthday
Wishes with big hugs and kisses!
It’s your fourteenth birthday
I hope everything goes your way
As you celebrate with a party
Your very special day!

Happy 14th birthday to you!
It's hard to believe that it was 14 years
ago today that we welcomed you into
the world as the cutest little baby.

How time flies, and who would’ve thought
you would grow up to make such a huge
impact on so many lives already.

Happy birthday from your proud parents,
mom and dad.
My dear daughter, as you turn 14 today, my wishes for you on your birthday are that you find happiness in everything that you do and that each and every one of your dreams come true. That’s the very least that a wonderful girl like you deserves.

I'm wishing a very happy 14th birthday to you, my fabulous girl.
Happy 14th birthday, my dear!

I still can’t believe you’re a teen already. It feels like only yesterday that you were just a kid, and the image of you becoming a teenager felt like a million years away!
Welcoming your 14th birthday means only one thing: congratulations on officially completing your first year as a teen!

May the remainder of your teenage years be just as amazing as your first year has been!
As you progress through your teenage years and discover more about who you are, always remember to stay true to yourself. Happy 14th birthday, my dear.
Happy 14th birthday to the
sweetest girl I know!

On your special day, I wish only
happiness for you, sweetie. May
your birthday be full of joy, and
may your cake be just as sweet
as you are!

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