Happy 11th Birthday

34 happy birthday wishes found:

My sweet granddaughter, you are getting bigger and growing up quick as today you turn 11 years old.

I am so proud of the beautiful girl you have grown up to be so far, inside and out.

I’m wishing you the loveliest 11th birthday with all my heart, and may you only keep getting sweeter, kinder, and more beautiful as the years pass.
11th birthday wishes for my little superstar
You turn 11 today
Happy 11th birthday to my first born son!
You were the cutest baby boy back then,
and you still are to this day!

May you have the happiest and most
enjoyable birthday possible today,
my little prince!
Happy 11th birthday,
My special little human!

Now you’re getting older 
I just want you to know
You're not the only
One getting bigger
My love for you
It also grows.
It’s your 11th birthday today, birthday girl!
May this year be the sweetest yet for you,
my little princess.

Sending you big birthday wishes
and lots of kisses from grandma.
Happy 11th Birthday to my awesome friend! I hope you have a day that’s as wonderful and as great as you are!
A sweet nephew like you
There are simply very few
So a boy as wonderful
And utterly unique
Deserves more than
One day of celebrations,
You should have a
Whole birthday week!

Happy 11th birthday, nephew!
It brings so much joy to my heart to be wishing you a sweet 11th birthday, my dear!

May all the happiness in the world come your way today, brightening up your birthday party even more than the 11 candles on your cake will!
On your eleventh birthday, my dear daughter, I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world. May your special day greet you with joy for the year ahead.

Best wishes and lots of love from mom. Have a very happy birthday, my sweetheart.
Happy birthday to you today, my sweet grandchild. Turning 11 is a very special occasion, so I’m sending you some extra special birthday wishes this year.

May you enjoy each and every magical moment that this wonderful year may bring.
Happy 11th birthday to you!

I hope this birthday
is a truly fabulous one
as you’re now one whole
decade, plus an extra year!
Happy 11th birthday to the most beautiful birthday girl in the world! May your special day be lovely and sweet, just like you!
Happy 11th birthday to the greatest grandson I could ever wish for.

Ever since you entered the world a little over a decade ago, you have been filling my days with joy and warming my heart with love.

I wish the best for you always, my dear, and may each and every one of your hopes and dreams come true for you this year.
As your 11th birthday comes around,
I just want to wish you the very best
in life, my dear granddaughter.

I love you more than anything in the
world, and you continue to be the
most precious person to me.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl.
Happy 11th birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful girl around! May your special day be as marvellous as you are and may your cake be just as sweet!
Happy 11th birthday!

11 is an odd number and a funny age to be! It’s a unique age where you’re sort of in between; you’re no longer a child really but you’re still not a teen, either!

I hope you enjoy this special year which sees you growing up and marks the start of your adolescence!